When you launch Jedi Knight or Mysteries of the Sith for the first time, the opening cutscene will play (Press the ESC key on your keyboard to skip cutscenes). Once the cutscene finishes or is skipped, you will be prompted to create a new player. Once you have created a new player at the start, go to Setup (This is where you will check your Display settings for 3D Acceleration)

Important Note: If you do not check your 3D Accelleration Settings PRIOR to your first game, the game may crash immediately upon starting your first game.

There are two important things to understand about configuring Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith for 3D Acelleration.
  • You should be able to use 3D Acceleration (Hardware Mode) without any issues. However, you may require the one of the 3D Acceleration Fixes.
  • You should be able to play at the maximum possible resolution (Your desktop resolution). There is no reason to play these games at any resolution less than the full resolution. Again, you may require one of the 3D Accelleration Fixes to properly enable 3D Acceleration and choose your maximum resolution.
There are only two settings on Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith's Display Setup page that we recommend changing.
  • 3D Accelleration: This box should be CHECKED.
  • Resolution: This should be consistent with your Windows Desktop Resolution. The 16bpp suffix indicates that you have enabled 3D Acceleration for that resolution.
After checking these two settings you should proceed to start a test game. From the Main Menu, go to Single Player, and then to "New Game".

STEP 1 - Launch Jedi Knight to Check Display Settings

FIGURE 1 - Main Menu. Click SETUP.

FIGURE 2 - Setup page. Click Display.

FIGURE 3 - A properly working Jedi Knight installation. "Enable 3D Acceleration" is checked, and all hardware-accellerated resolution display modes are visible. In this case, the highest resolution (Windows display resolution) is selected. This installation works properly at 1920x1080.

FIGURE 4 - An improperly configured Jedi Knight Display settings page. Notice that "Enable 3D Acceleration" is unchecked and only non-3D-accelerated modes are available - "software mode" resolutions.
When Jedi Knight defaults to "Enable 3D Acceleration" (UNCHECKED) and selects the Lowest Display Resolution this is a good indication that you may require a DirectX Wrapper.