Configuring your router to host and join Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith games is a requirement to play Multiplayer Games online and is very easy to do.

You have options for how to configure your router to play Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith.
To change your router settings, you need to know three things.
  • Your Router IP Address (Your Gateway IP Address)
  • Your Local IP Address (The IP assigned to your computer by your router)
  • Your Router Username and Password
If you do not know your Router's username and password you may need to reset your router to factory default settings. Look for the model number of your router and do a google search for instructions on how to set your router to factory defaults. Your router will then be set to it's DEFAULT username and password.

You can then complete the following steps:
  • Visit the IP address of your router using your web broswer. Example:
  • Log in using the username and password.
  • Enable DMZ for your Local IP Address (Easiest method, only if you don't already have port forwarding rules)
  • Port Forward the Required Ports -  2300-2400 TCP and UDP (all players) 47624 TCP and UDP (only for hosting)
Please contact the JKDF2.COM support team if you have any questions or require assistance.