A detailed look at the ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2) 3D acceleration fix, when to use it, and how to use it.


The ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2) 3D acceleration fix is distributed in ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2).zip.

Download: ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2).zip
MD5: 1a3b398e47216c254b5700e91b7aec96

The ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2).zip archive contains the following files:
File Name: ddraw.dll
MD5: 13583ad20dab3d3ea12bbdd1bab4b0fe


This 3D accelleration is the most commonly promoted and recommended fix for JK. However, it does not work for all users. Some users will require and alternative fix.

It was developed and promoted by JKHUB.net, particularly by ZeqMacaw. It has been promoted on the front page of JKHUB.net since 2009.
3D Acceleration Fix for JK and MotS - ZeqMacaw September 28, 2009
Having trouble running JK or MotS with 3D Acceleration enabled? Then, try this fix. (The fix should work for BOTH ATI AND Nvidia cards, and if it works, then you won't need to use old drivers). Simply put the ddraw.dll (downloadable zip file) in the folder with your JK.EXE or JKM.EXE file and start JK or MotS normally.

The ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2) fix has been so ubiquitous in it's popularity that it is included in Troy Hutch's Jedi Knight Alternate Installer (64-Bit Installer).

Troy Hutch's Jedi Knight Alternate Installer (64-Bit Installer) JKHub.net Project Page

he DDRAW fix does NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. It is one of a few options to resolve 3D Accelleration problems with Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. If this fix does not work for you review the troubleshooting section below or proceed to this guide:
STEP 6 - 3D Acceleration Fixes - DirectX Wrappers (Optional, depends on your Graphics Card and Operating System)


Some users report issues with this wrapper.


Originally Posted by OzLefty76
...It also does the flickering window then minimise to desktop thing with the 3d acceleration off and the primary display driver. Using the windowed display/renderdroid option works, but it's an annoyingly tiny 640x480 window and not 3D accelerated at all.
Originally Posted by OzLefty76
This morning it's not minimising to desktop - but it does have that weird window-in-top-right-corner-flickering thing. I can't figure out how to make that go away.
Originally Posted by OzLefty76
Setting jk.exe and jedi.exe to "disable visual themes" and "disable desktop composition" in the compatibility tab for each helped - still some flickering, and a little square in top right, but not as bad as without.
Originally Posted by KroipyBill
That worked for me too when I had that problem a year ago.
Originally Posted by Petran79
patch did nothing. still messed up picture with direct3d acceleration on.
I use Windows XP.
Do I also need to adjust something in the Nvidia settings?
Posted by joel96
Okay, I think I have the solution to the above flickering and messed up picture issues. The modded ddraw.dll file has already been mentioned as a fix for the redraw issues and color palette issues, but it also results in a crash for certain users--which I found was caused by the modded ddraw file. Delete it, and it doesn't crash, leave it there and launch it, it does crash. Here's my workaround for that: I ended the CCC.exe Catalyst Control Center process. I also ended ATI tray tools; it crashed the same way when I left it running as it did with CCC.exe. This means that I've got to find some other application to lock V-sync in place, since I can't use my video card's software for V-sync. Does anyone know of any software I can use to lock V-sync on? So on to the flickering: flickering appeared when I got into the game after pasting in ddraw and ending the video card software, so I unchecked Backbuffer, and this completely eliminated all flickering.