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So the game actually looked like it was playing fine. However soon as i walk the gun sway animation is going like 100 times faster than it should be and its just far too distracting and i was hoping to experience this classic as close to how it should be as possible. The game itself doesn't seem to be running too quickly (if anything it seems the enemys fall a bit slowly but it could be my imagination) just the gun/hand animations. My pc is windows 7 x64, has an i3 2100 processor and gtx 550 graphics card. Did anyone run into this problem and find a fix? Anyone help would be very much appreciated.


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If anyone else has this problem, I have found a solution (at least for me). If the weapons sway is to fast and shooting and changing your weapons seems to be glitchy, just force vsync in your video adapter drivers in Windows for JK.exe. This way you limit the fps and the gun sway etc. should no longer be to fast/glitchy.