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Postby BeefCaike » October 8th, 2010, 3:42 am

Hey guys,

Just wanted to point out that this coming Saturday (Oct 9, 2010) will be the 13 year anniversary of JK! Therefore, we will be having JK Day during that whole weekend!

Feel free to come hang out and shoot the shit! Also host some games, and let's have some fun!

If you need a copy of JK, you can download the torrent Here

Check out http://www.beefyproductions.net to see what's going on!

Thanks, hope to see you there!!


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Postby SubZero » October 9th, 2010, 12:43 am

i will be there to take free shits inside peoples mouths, and to give out free autographed cumshots.

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Postby Choda » October 9th, 2010, 1:22 am

03:30] <Choda> you're not your
[03:34] <NOFpuXnk> ...?
[03:34] <NOFpuXnk> go on meow
[03:35] <Choda> as in you're a fucking retard
[03:35] <NOFpuXnk> do i even know you?
[03:35] <NOFpuXnk> have i even talked to be before?
[03:35] <NOFpuXnk> why such hostilitiy
[03:35] <NOFpuXnk> rofl
[03:36] <NOFpuXnk> is choda nighthawk or somthing?
[03:36] <Choda> you are the one PMing me to idle in your channel
[03:36] <NOFpuXnk> yeah
[03:36] <NOFpuXnk> everyone else came..
[03:36] <NOFpuXnk> cept you..
[03:36] <NOFpuXnk> so i thought ide remind you again..
[03:37] <NOFpuXnk> u miss a lot of jk games..
[03:37] <NOFpuXnk> do you play jedi knight?
[03:37] <Choda> not with the likes of these fucks
[03:37] <NOFpuXnk> okie dokie
[03:37] <NOFpuXnk> so you dont like anyone here?
[03:38] <Choda> i am honorable
[03:38] <NOFpuXnk> that wasent the question
[03:38] <Choda> but it is the answer
[03:38] <NOFpuXnk> not really.. its a statement..
[03:39] <Choda> indicating which people i can stand from this room
[03:40] <NOFpuXnk> kinda dodging around the answer..
[03:40] <NOFpuXnk> not very clear at all..
* Looking up Choda user info...
[03:46] <NOFpuXnk> !addgame 42Oasis NF http://puxlevels.co.nr
[03:47] <Choda> ok be right there
[03:49] <NOFpuXnk> why do i have a feeling choda is leading me on and not actually joining my game..
[03:49] <Choda> dude are your ports fixed?
[03:49] <Choda> searching...
[03:49] <NOFpuXnk> ur not seein the game?
[03:49] <NOFpuXnk> let me verify my ip and ports
[03:50] <NOFpuXnk>
[03:50] <NOFpuXnk> ip is correct
* Looking up NOFpuXnk user info...
[03:50] <NOFpuXnk> yeah dude
[03:50] <NOFpuXnk> its on your end the problem.
[03:50] <Choda> let me re-try
[03:51] <NOFpuXnk> damn i really hope u can get it..
[03:51] <Choda> searching...
[03:51] <Choda> searching...
[03:51] <Choda> searching...
[03:51] <NOFpuXnk> ur ports are closed
[03:51] <NOFpuXnk> i host like this every day
[03:51] <NOFpuXnk> havent changed anything
[03:52] <Choda> i was opening ports as easily as you mom's legs before you were born
[03:52] <NOFpuXnk> well wich ones are u opening?
[03:52] <Choda> i might be your father
[03:52] <NOFpuXnk> and u sure to the right ip?
[03:52] <NOFpuXnk> cuz im 99% sure its on your end
[03:52] <Choda>
[03:52] <NOFpuXnk> 48
[03:52] <NOFpuXnk>
[03:52] <Choda> shit 1 sec
[03:53] <NOFpuXnk> this guy is fuckign with me right?
[03:53] <NOFpuXnk> lol
[03:53] <Choda> searching...
[03:53] <NOFpuXnk> wtf now it should find it
[03:54] <Choda> wtf let me bypass my router
[03:54] <NOFpuXnk> let me check my porsts 1 more time..but im fairly sure its u..
[03:55] <NOFpuXnk> yeap is you..
[03:55] <Choda> ok i disconnected my router
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk> that should doit
[03:56] <Choda>
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk> unless you have a modem that needs forwarding
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk> thats the wrong ip
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk>
[03:56] <Choda> what is it
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk>
[03:56] <Choda> OK
[03:56] <NOFpuXnk> how did u dis connect your router without going offline?
[03:57] <Choda> [20:17] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Choda
[03:58] <NOFpuXnk> ???
[03:58] <Choda> i just got back online
[03:58] <NOFpuXnk> oh well dose the game work?
[03:58] <Choda> be right there
[03:58] <Choda> 1 sec
[03:58] <NOFpuXnk> herd that before...
[03:59] <Choda> this is the 37 mb level right?
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> yes..
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> but can you see the game
[03:59] <Choda> searching...
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> is the questoin
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> it should come up instantly
[03:59] <Choda> wtf checksum
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> oh
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> that could be my fault
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> HOLD ON
[03:59] <NOFpuXnk> do you have any mods on?
[03:59] <Choda> no- unload your hax
[04:00] <NOFpuXnk> u sure u unziped the level to the right place?
[04:00] <NOFpuXnk> u didnt just move the .rar?
[04:01] <Choda> Resource folder, right?
[04:01] <NOFpuXnk> episode
[04:01] <Choda> shit, post link again
[04:01] <NOFpuXnk> that would definatly cause a checksum
[04:01] <NOFpuXnk> just move it..
[04:01] <Choda> what is the file name
[04:01] <NOFpuXnk> 42oasis.gob
[04:01] <NOFpuXnk> u gota move it or it will checksum
[04:02] <Choda> i dont see it in there
[04:02] <Choda> post link again
[04:02] <NOFpuXnk> http://www.jkhub.net/project/get.php?id=2054
[04:02] <NOFpuXnk> make sure its not in ur resource folder tho or it will checksum..
[04:02] <NOFpuXnk> probly anyways
[04:02] <Choda> ok, make sure to not make 37 mb level anymore
[04:03] <NOFpuXnk> but extract the 42oasis.gob to the episode folder
[04:03] <NOFpuXnk> %?
[04:03] <Choda> got it
[04:03] <Choda> what is IP
[04:03] <NOFpuXnk>
[04:03] <NOFpuXnk> probly still on your clipboard
[04:03] <Choda> ok be right there
[04:04] <Choda>
[04:04] <NOFpuXnk> suuuure...
[04:05] <Choda> searching...
[04:05] <NOFpuXnk> wtf
[04:05] <NOFpuXnk> u foudn the game last time didnt you?
[04:05] <NOFpuXnk> u shouldnt see searching
[04:05] <Choda> yea it checksummed last time
[04:05] <NOFpuXnk> well whats going on thsi time meow
[04:05] <Choda> searching...
[04:06] <NOFpuXnk> wtf
[04:06] <NOFpuXnk> dude
[04:06] <NOFpuXnk> thats not possible
[04:06] <Choda> searching...
[04:06] <NOFpuXnk> stop messing with my brain =P
[04:07] <NOFpuXnk> what was the name of the last game u found when u checksumed?
[04:07] <Choda> i dont know i clicked on a char cause i wanted to play
[04:07] <NOFpuXnk> so basically what ur saying is uve been fuckign with me?
[04:08] <Choda> no man i have been trying to play but you have fucking 37 mb hax levels
[04:08] <Choda> with checksum hax
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> haha
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> : '|
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> this time u said
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> it wasent checksum
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> this time u said u couldnt find the game.
[04:08] <Choda> yes wtf
[04:08] *** Wodz_JCS has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:08] <Choda> searching...
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> so that has nothign to do with the level
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> thats ur router.
[04:08] <Choda>
[04:08] <NOFpuXnk> u probly put the wrong ip in agin
[04:09] <NOFpuXnk> then you rrouter is closed again
[04:09] <NOFpuXnk> or u didnt really find the game last time at all
[04:09] <Choda> where do you live? china
[04:09] <NOFpuXnk> north america
[04:09] <Choda> dont blame me for your internet censorship
[04:09] <NOFpuXnk> did you or did you not find the game before?
[04:09] <NOFpuXnk> and if so what was its name?
[04:10] <Choda> i did and it fuckign checksummed
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> well there is no reason you should not find it again.
[04:10] <Choda> now i cant find it
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> no reason at all.
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> unless you changed somthing.
[04:10] <Choda> did you close the game
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> ur putting a space in
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> or a the wrong ip
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> or somthing
[04:10] <NOFpuXnk> no the game is stil up
[04:10] <Choda>
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> ur fuKGIN WITH ME
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> u changed a nother number
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> in the damn ip
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> LOL
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> UR FUCIGN WITH ME
[04:11] <Choda> wtf what is IP
[04:11] <NOFpuXnk> LOL
[04:12] <Choda> dude stop fucking my shit up
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk>
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> no
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> ur fuckgin with ym brain
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> u clearly have a lot of free time on your hands
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> to keep chaging 1 number in the ip
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> and acting like a jerk
* Looking up NOFpuXnk user info...
[04:12] <Choda> ~NOFpuXnk@d75-155-12-48.abhsia.telus.net
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk> thats not the ip u pasted to me
[04:12] <Choda> is the game still up?
[04:12] <NOFpuXnk>
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> yes
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> join that ip
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> u pasted a differnet ip to me
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> ur a liar.
[04:13] <Choda> ok be right there
[04:13] <Choda> 1 sec
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> i bet you dont even have jk
[04:13] <NOFpuXnk> i bet you dont even have a computer!
[04:13] * NOFpuXnk tokes
[04:13] <Choda> searching...
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> searchign on what ip?
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> mr liar sir?
[04:14] *** acdcfanbill has joined #jk
[04:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v acdcfanbill
[04:14] <Choda>
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> HAHAH
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> nice dude
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> u must have so much free time on your hands
[04:14] <NOFpuXnk> seroiusly dont you have anyhtin beter to do?
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> honestly?
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> HONESTLY??
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> LOL
[04:15] * NOFpuXnk tokes
[04:15] <Choda> i am finishing a drink and listening to music
[04:15] <Choda> but your level is good i promise
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> and being a prick to me
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> for whatever reason..
[04:15] <NOFpuXnk> to get your kicks i guess..
[04:15] <Choda> no you are cool and i also your jk channel is too
[04:15] *** deathstrike has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> not my jk channel
[04:16] <Choda> oh well it should be
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> and no im not cool
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> well thanks :D
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> i do alll the work premoting it
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> thats the point tho
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> its not 1 persons chanel
[04:16] <Choda> how long did that level take - it is pretty rad
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> fuck you.
[04:16] <Choda> i was checking it out while pretending to join
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> eat a dick in hell
[04:16] <NOFpuXnk> i wanted to paly nf guns
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> ur a coward
[04:17] <Choda> sorry but you are clearly no good at JK
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> dude i would own you any day.
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> u wont even paly me
[04:17] <Choda> host it
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> THE GAME IS UP
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> HAS BEEN
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> FOR AN HOUR
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> MR
[04:17] <Choda> ok be right there
[04:17] *** Wodz_JCS has joined #jk
[04:17] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Wodz_JCS
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> LOL!!!
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> DODGER
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> LOL!
[04:17] <Choda> 1 sec
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> LOL LOL LOL!
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:17] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD
[04:18] <Choda> what is your channel
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> COWARD dodger LOL
[04:18] <Choda> i will join that too
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> i don thave a channel
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> but if you want me too
[04:18] <Choda> be right there
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> ill get tone
[04:18] <Choda> 1 sec
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> whatever ur smoking
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> i want some
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> either that or your bi polar..
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> rofl
[04:18] <Choda> i will get some for you
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> i think choda is loper
[04:18] <NOFpuXnk> they both do the same thing
[04:18] <Choda> searching...
[04:19] <NOFpuXnk> they say they are joining and then dodge around
[04:19] <Choda> well i clearly never join
[04:19] <Choda> but loper is just dumb
[04:19] <Choda> and smokes drugs and forgets to join
[04:22] <NOFpuXnk> alright choda if you make it in the game ill see you there
[04:22] <NOFpuXnk> the others are askign why im not playing
[04:22] <NOFpuXnk> i cant walk beginners thru troubleshooting all night

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Postby BeefCaike » October 9th, 2010, 1:24 am

LOL, unbelievable merkjob! What a dumbshit!

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Postby nighthawk » October 11th, 2010, 1:10 am

I'm glad I honorably missed out on this

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Postby ANDREW L » October 13th, 2010, 11:32 am

that is way too funny!
I should have aimed for your head when I had the chance...

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Postby AcidRain » December 4th, 2013, 11:19 pm


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