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HDK_Omega> I need to reboot
HDK_Omega> i can't join
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Once more, the Sith wil RULE the galaxy. Then we shall have drinks!
MoF_StarWarsBoy> This is really a fine evening Star Wars friends
MoF_StarWarsBoy> We have much to be thankful for
MoF_StarWarsBoy> JK is probably the most successful, long lived multiplayer game in history
MoF_StarWarsBoy> That's if you don't count Chess
HDK_Omega> gg guys
HDK_Omega> but one question
HDK_Omega> then time limit was going
HDK_Omega> when you started the game right?
HDK_Omega> because i was looking from when
HDK_Omega> we actually started fighting
HDK_Omega> and it was 7:53
HDK_Omega> my time
HDK_Omega> we started
LSF_Nickz2000> Okay
LSF_Nickz2000> Klav Has Won The Tourney
LSF_Nickz2000> Please wait for you trophys
HDK_Omega> hey nick
HDK_Omega> we didn't actually
HDK_Omega> play for 30 min
HDK_Omega> because we waited for you
HDK_Omega> when you left
HDK_Omega> but klav was the host
HDK_Omega> so his timer kept going
HDK_Omega> as soon as he entered the game
HDK_Omega> but ooh well
HDK_Omega> i won't complain
HDK_Omega> lol
LSF_Nickz2000> there ya go omega
HDK_Omega> thx
LSF_Nickz2000> The BGJ NF Tourney is complete and _KLaViER_VDS has won, look here for full details
LSF_Nickz2000> (H)
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hmmm
Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.
MoF_StarWarsBoy exits.
__KLaViER__VDS enters.
__KLaViER__VDS exits.
ORJ_Pyro enters.
ORJ_Pyro exits.
audacity_3 enters.
audacity_3 exits.