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__PR_Masta__> Nah, I have MSN and AIM.
HyA_BoNzO_xX> doh
HyA_BoNzO_xX> I got the other two on my phone\
HyA_BoNzO_xX> where you from man
__PR_Masta__> England
HyA_BoNzO_xX> no !%#@
HyA_BoNzO_xX> I have dual citizenship
HyA_BoNzO_xX> I'm going there in a couple months, what part you in?
__PR_Masta__> Haha noob clan war in progress in Battlegrounds!
__PR_Masta__> Central
__PR_Masta__> Birmingham
HyA_BoNzO_xX> Really? Dude, we should hit a few pubs when I come over
__PR_Masta__> Heh
__PR_Masta__> #@$!
__PR_Masta__> I have to go do some stuff.
HyA_BoNzO_xX> I have a Viper over there
HyA_BoNzO_xX> ok\
__PR_Masta__> Talk to you some time soon
HyA_BoNzO_xX> wait
HyA_BoNzO_xX> what's you aim
__PR_Masta__> Cassius Drehyg
__PR_Masta__> if you have MSN
__PR_Masta__> add
__PR_Masta__> k
__PR_Masta__> bye
HyA_BoNzO_xX> late
Captain_Xeon_Sa> later
Captain_Xeon_Sa> #@$!
Captain_Xeon_Sa> just when i thought this room was getting full
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> wowz
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> sup dawgs