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Date: 3/4/2006
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

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<sillyblur> I (l) you all
<sillyblur> ({)'s for all
<sillyblur> I slowly un button my shirt
<sillyblur> and pull down my track pants
<T_Psyche> Where to get Merc 2 mod?
<Phelan_Laos_> AWSOME
<T_Psyche> No
<Phelan_Laos_> Psyche go to
<sillyblur> NEWBIE
<Phelan_Laos_> for jk mods
<T_Psyche> Been here since 1999
<sillyblur> OMFG NEWBIE
<Phelan_Laos_> yes yes
<Phelan_Laos_> i know
<Phelan_Laos_> for all your gaming needs
<T_Psyche> Thank you
<T_Psyche> The last mod I ever played for this game was DBZ 4.0 -_-"
<PrincE_YackerZ> hey phelan lol
<Phelan_Laos_> hey
<PrincE_YackerZ> glad u made it to the zone lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> did u see the link i gave u:
<Phelan_Laos_> how do i get to it though
<Phelan_Laos_> from zone
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> omg
<Phelan_Laos_> cuz im not logged in on that link
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<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> 11 people!
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> pwnage!
<PrincE_YackerZ> log in..
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> 12!
<audacity_3> hello
<PrincE_YackerZ> then go to that link
<PrincE_YackerZ> hey ya
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> Phelan
<PrincE_YackerZ> audacity
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> if you are on
<sillyblur> where do I get hax
<Phelan_Laos_> there is no login button
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> go to support
<sillyblur> I want hax
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> then "change my nickname"
<sillyblur> can someone give me hax
<Phelan_Laos_> ok thanks
<Phelan_Laos_> thats all i needed
<sillyblur> any of you guys ever play that Ants game on here?
<T_Psyche> Great, already we're in the need for cogs..
<sillyblur> u know where I can get some?
<Phelan_Laos_> #@$! i cant recreate any of my old names
<Phelan_Laos_> this is !%#
<sillyblur> HEY
<T_Psyche> I used to know the site, but it's dead
<sillyblur> STOP SWEARING
<Phelan_Laos_> #@$! you
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> Phelan...have you even been on zone since 02/03 update
<SmokeDaaawgg> lol
<Phelan_Laos_> no
<T_Psyche> isn't working...
<SmokeDaaawgg> its phelan jajajajajajajajaja
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lies, I've seen you on since then ;)
<Phelan_Laos_> haha psyche
<sillyblur> ;)
<sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%
<audacity_3> lol
<Phelan_Laos_> the last time i came on zone was like 2 months ago when you guys said there was

still a zone link
<Phelan_Laos_> before that it was probably 6 years
<sillyblur> I missed you guys like incestial cousins
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<Phelan_Laos_> dude
<Phelan_Laos_> #@$
<Phelan_Laos_> like every variation of DSbr_Phelan has been used
<Phelan_Laos_> DSbr_Phelan
<Phelan_Laos_> DSbr_Phelan_
<sillyblur> GAME 10
<sillyblur> haha you %#@$
<sillyblur> don't turn DND on me
<sillyblur> I created you
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DSbr_nalehP has entered.
<DSbr_nalehP> hello
<PrincE_YackerZ> hey
<PrincE_YackerZ> someone is in the catina lmbo
<sillyblur> HAHA
<sillyblur> can you believe game 5
<PrincE_YackerZ> nope lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha
<PrincE_YackerZ> na
<PrincE_YackerZ> :)
<PrincE_YackerZ> this is legal
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<PrincE_YackerZ> ya then u just do ip
<PrincE_YackerZ> what we were doin on irc lol
<SmokeDaaawgg> yea but tab out
<SmokeDaaawgg> like old school style
<IRN_ProZaC> ive never seen so much low ping in a jk room before
<SmokeDaaawgg> cmon irn
<PrincE_YackerZ> ya or ip
<SmokeDaaawgg> :)
<IRN_ProZaC> where is nemmy and his 1 stupid red bar
<PrincE_YackerZ> ya everyone's green
<sillyblur> hahah
<PrincE_YackerZ> 4 green
<PrincE_YackerZ> at that
<sillyblur> i'm gonna use build hax in the tourney
<LSF_Nickz2000> sillyblur
Morrandil has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> go back to the main page
<LSF_Nickz2000> and
<LSF_Nickz2000> click the cantina
<sillyblur> whats the main page
<LSF_Nickz2000> instead of Nar
<LSF_Nickz2000> launch jedi knight lobbys
<LSF_Nickz2000> and goto the cantina
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<TheYoung0ne> none of my @$!% IRC nicks were available
<TheYoung0ne> so i needed to use an old zone name :(
<NOFpuXnk_420_> yeah im sporting mad underscores
<TheYoung0ne> lol
<NOFpuXnk_420_> go out where?
<NOFpuXnk_420_> with girls?
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<NOFpuXnk_420_> ones with #@$!%?
<NOFpuXnk_420_> and asses n $!%#?
<TheYoung0ne> yessir
<NOFpuXnk_420_> nice dood u gonna !%#@ em?
<TheYoung0ne> lol no i'm not sure exaclty what i'm doing
<TheYoung0ne> screw this font
<TheYoung0ne> damnit
<TheYoung0ne> there
<TheYoung0ne> normal
<NOFpuXnk_420_> italics rule
<TheYoung0ne> yea they don't have my favorite font on here
<TheYoung0ne> o well i'm out
<TheYoung0ne> later
TheYoung0ne has left.
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> wazzzzup
evilspectre has entered.
<evilspectre> suck #@$! once get labeled for life
<evilspectre> .
<evilspectre> .''
<evilspectre> well
<evilspectre> this is a lot of fun
<NOFpuXnk_420_> ur moms a lot of fun
<SmokeDaaawgg> lololollolool
<SmokeDaaawgg> spectre sucks %#@$
<SmokeDaaawgg> and everyone knows it
<SmokeDaaawgg> lolololololololoolololololl
<evilspectre> don't do this to me smoke
<evilspectre> dont turn your back on me
<NOFpuXnk_420_> i lots 10 bucks
<NOFpuXnk_420_> i wanted %#@$!%# subway
<evilspectre> speak goddamn english
<evilspectre> you french canadian pos
<evilspectre> hi
<evilspectre> someone get johnchaser to enter
<evilspectre> i could use a %#@$ to slobber on
<SmokeDaaawgg> <freshmagic i definitelly suck the most #@$! here <freshmagic any challengers?

<Saber_Emanon Well, that was awfully uncalled for. I just commented on something you did as

<evilspectre> he wasnt talking to him pal
<SmokeDaaawgg> HI IM SEVEREN
<SmokeDaaawgg> DURRRR DURRRR
<evilspectre> where is severen
<evilspectre> why isn't he here
<evilspectre> pux
<evilspectre> suck his %#@$ %#@$
<evilspectre> and get him to join
<SmokeDaaawgg> LMAO
<SmokeDaaawgg> i need a %#@$ to slobber on !%#@
<NOFpuXnk_420_> spic did you take my @$!%#@$ ten dollers
<evilspectre> nah you probaly got tricked
<NOFpuXnk_420_> that does happen fairly easily
<evilspectre> you were so high that guy paid you with 1 dolalr after you sucked his #@$!
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<evilspectre> NOT $10
<NOFpuXnk_420_> yeah
<NOFpuXnk_420_> ur right
<SmokeDaaawgg> lol
<SmokeDaaawgg> well
<SmokeDaaawgg> get severens !%# in here so he can idle while be bakes them pies as fast as he

<evilspectre> shits getting hectic around here
<SmokeDaaawgg> where
<SmokeDaaawgg> ?
<SmokeDaaawgg> chill
<evilspectre> some mother $!%#@$! better shed some light on this situation
<evilspectre> cause this is boring
<SmokeDaaawgg> chill man
<SmokeDaaawgg> just idle
<NOFpuXnk_420_> spic and smokey play my ctf with me
<SmokeDaaawgg> ok
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha
<PrincE_YackerZ> man
<PrincE_YackerZ> we got some crazyyy
<PrincE_YackerZ> people freakin out
<SmokeDaaawgg> yack
<SmokeDaaawgg> whats up
<PrincE_YackerZ> nm tryin to paly this tourny lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> but we are havin some technical difficulties
<PrincE_YackerZ> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated
<LSF_Nickz2000> and trophys will be presented 10 mins after the tourney is complete, the first

3 places
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> #@$ happened to novacaine
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> a no show
<LSF_Nickz2000> meh he died
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ?
<LSF_Nickz2000> :D
<PrincE_YackerZ> :(
<JN_hAwKiNs_> lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> poor nova
<LSF_Nickz2000> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> sillyblur
<LSF_Nickz2000> what was the score
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ReLinQu1sH is a no show haha
<LSF_Nickz2000> yep
<LSF_Nickz2000> heh
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> where is hexen, he was on earlier
<LSF_Nickz2000> he didnt show
<LSF_Nickz2000> :-O
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lolz
<LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated, klav is away, but

he has times, still 2 matchs left before the final one
<LSF_Nickz2000> hes back **
<__KLaViER__VDS> lol
<__KLaViER__VDS> ok so
<HDK_Omega> haha thanks for the vote of confidence hawkins
<HDK_Omega> lol
<__KLaViER__VDS> just zm me when they're done
<__KLaViER__VDS> yea?
Out_Of_Exile__9 has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay, sounds great
<LSF_Nickz2000> hey exile
<Out_Of_Exile__9> Hey
<Out_Of_Exile__9> I think I'm good
<LSF_Nickz2000> :S
<LSF_Nickz2000> its a little too late
<Out_Of_Exile__9> lolz
<Out_Of_Exile__9> Oh well
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated
<Out_Of_Exile__9> I'd like to just play to be honest
<__KLaViER__VDS> exile
<__KLaViER__VDS> ill play u
<LSF_Nickz2000> yes you guys can warm up
<LSF_Nickz2000> its not official but w/e :D
<__KLaViER__VDS> k
<__KLaViER__VDS> how many games b4 they're ready nick?
<__KLaViER__VDS> 2?
<DE_Jedi316> whos not ready god %#@$ lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> yea
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> nickz
<LSF_Nickz2000> but one is gonna be pretty fast
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> what settings
<LSF_Nickz2000> bgj nf
<LSF_Nickz2000> to 1
<LSF_Nickz2000> sudden death
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok
<DE_Jedi316> is yack and omega still going?
<LSF_Nickz2000> heh funny story about that
<DE_Jedi316> how do u not hit eachother, they both have god hack on? lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> they played for 15 mins
<LSF_Nickz2000> its now a sudden death
<LSF_Nickz2000> first one to kill
<LSF_Nickz2000> wins
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok you two
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> come to game 1
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I will give you ip
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha
<PrincE_YackerZ> na het
<PrincE_YackerZ> we got it fixed
<LSF_Nickz2000> :S
<DE_Jedi316> this is sad yack
<PrincE_YackerZ> dont worry :)
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> err
<PrincE_YackerZ> omegas restartin
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> so no need to host?
<JN_hAwKiNs_> have you guys gone yet?
<PrincE_YackerZ> something went wrong with him
HDK_Omega has left.
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ok
<LSF_Nickz2000> you guys better finish soon, or your both dq :) :)
<PrincE_YackerZ> and he couldnt connect to anything
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha.
<PrincE_YackerZ> we're dueling on cliff
<PrincE_YackerZ> so theres no where to run now
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay go
<PrincE_YackerZ> i gotta wait for him to come back
<LSF_Nickz2000> if he doesnt come back in 5 mins, u win
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha na..
<PrincE_YackerZ> if he dont come back in 5 minutes.. he wins :)
<PrincE_YackerZ> i dont want any victories i didnt earn lol
<JN_hAwKiNs_> its ok
<JN_hAwKiNs_> you both lose
<JN_hAwKiNs_> =)
<JN_hAwKiNs_> im kidding geeeez
<LSF_Nickz2000> lol
<__KLaViER__VDS> hawkins
<PrincE_YackerZ> k hes back
<PrincE_YackerZ> iinn i go
<__KLaViER__VDS> why don't we we just play the final match between u and i
<__KLaViER__VDS> hhee
<LSF_Nickz2000> :S
<LSF_Nickz2000> At the end of the tourney, Give me 10 mins and trophys will be posted.. Then

tommorow a site about the tourney will be posted.. Look for it on the forums
<LSF_Nickz2000> all quiet
<__KLaViER__VDS> hey nick
<__KLaViER__VDS> for forfeited games
<__KLaViER__VDS> or games with problems
<__KLaViER__VDS> should be p[osted !%#@-0
<__KLaViER__VDS> posted $!%# to 0
<LSF_Nickz2000> good point
<LSF_Nickz2000> updating..
<__KLaViER__VDS> five to zero
<__KLaViER__VDS> looks more legit
<LSF_Nickz2000> and the site tommorow will be posted on forums
<LSF_Nickz2000> and the trophys 10 mins after the tourney
<__KLaViER__VDS> lol
<__KLaViER__VDS> what kind of trophy r they gonna be?
<__KLaViER__VDS> made out of gold hopefully
<__KLaViER__VDS> so i can sell it for few thousand bucks
<JN_hAwKiNs_> about 3 feet tall
<__KLaViER__VDS> on ebay
<JN_hAwKiNs_> he'll ship them after the tourney
<__KLaViER__VDS> k cool
<__KLaViER__VDS> ship it to
<LSF_Nickz2000> def
<LSF_Nickz2000> ill post em online
<LSF_Nickz2000> and on the site
<__KLaViER__VDS> k
<LSF_Nickz2000> Wats taking those 2
<LSF_Nickz2000> ITS TILL 1`
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha k im done i lost
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay
<DE_Jedi316> hope they are as cool as the LND tournaments
<__KLaViER__VDS> they're both hacking
<__KLaViER__VDS> ooh yea LND trophies were cool
<DE_Jedi316> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> sorry Prince Yackerz you are gone and
<LSF_Nickz2000> Omega
<DE_Jedi316> Icehellion made them
<__KLaViER__VDS> my fav still though are CWT
<LSF_Nickz2000> You will face HAwkins
<DE_Jedi316> cwt still alive in other games?
<__KLaViER__VDS> i wonder
<DE_Jedi316> yack only the good players lose, like me
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated
HDK_Omega has entered.
<HDK_Omega> hey nick
<HDK_Omega> i won
<PrincE_YackerZ> hehe yup
<DE_Jedi316> later people, have fun
<LSF_Nickz2000> later
<HDK_Omega> cya
<HDK_Omega> hey jn
DE_Jedi316 has left.
<HDK_Omega> i can't join the room
<HDK_Omega> can you
<HDK_Omega> msg me the
<HDK_Omega> ip?
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ok 1 sec
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated
<HDK_Omega> oky
<HDK_Omega> coming in
KeWL_JCS has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> hey Kewl
<KeWL_JCS> hi
<KeWL_JCS> tourney hasnt started rite
<LSF_Nickz2000> your about 53 mins late :S sorry
<KeWL_JCS> #@$
<KeWL_JCS> :|
<HDK_Omega> =(
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated look here kewl
<KeWL_JCS> i thought it was 7 est
<LSF_Nickz2000> im sorry
<LSF_Nickz2000> yes its 7:54pm est right now
<KeWL_JCS> ugh..
<KeWL_JCS> arghhhh
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - but you can follow and see who wins
<KeWL_JCS> omg
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<KeWL_JCS> only 8 ppl?
<LSF_Nickz2000> yea the others didnt show
TheOneSabMasta has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> bastards :D
<KeWL_JCS> :$
<KeWL_JCS> hmmmm
<LSF_Nickz2000> sabmasta
<KeWL_JCS> some1 screwed up my time
<LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - here are the stats
<__KLaViER__VDS> its ok kewl
<TheOneSabMasta> hey
<TheOneSabMasta> ok
<__KLaViER__VDS> ill send u my trophy
<__KLaViER__VDS> after i sign it
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<KeWL_JCS> u win?
<__KLaViER__VDS> well
<__KLaViER__VDS> it looks like im guaranteed a trophy
<KeWL_JCS> ahaha
<KeWL_JCS> yea
<PrincE_YackerZ> ya yackerz needs to go to the mental hospital
<KeWL_JCS> whos out of exile
<LSF_Nickz2000> who won
<LSF_Nickz2000> and wats the score?
<KeWL_JCS> im rooting for omega
<KeWL_JCS> did u win klav ?
<TheOneSabMasta> who won?
<__KLaViER__VDS> yea i won
<LSF_Nickz2000> Kewl heres the Whole stats
<LSF_Nickz2000> the whole scores and wiiners
<KeWL_JCS> i dont see overall winner..
<KeWL_JCS> Round 3: Final Battle: Duels to 10, 30 Minute Time Limit Winner of Match 1 Round 2

<LSF_Nickz2000> we are still waiiting
<LSF_Nickz2000> for round 2 to be over
<TheOneSabMasta> Hehe
<KeWL_JCS> o
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> its Hawks vs Omega
<KeWL_JCS> ah
<LSF_Nickz2000> and you play oone of em
<LSF_Nickz2000> :)
<TheOneSabMasta> Why so few People Nickz?
<KeWL_JCS> me ?
<TheOneSabMasta> yes you Kewl
<KeWL_JCS> y me
<LSF_Nickz2000> i guess lots claim they were gonna be the best and show up
<TheOneSabMasta> because
<KeWL_JCS> i thought im out
<PrincE_YackerZ> hey im gion back to nar shaddaa..
<LSF_Nickz2000> but oh well
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay prince see ya
<TheOneSabMasta> cya
<__KLaViER__VDS> nicks
<__KLaViER__VDS> use tyhis
<__KLaViER__VDS> that website
<KeWL_JCS> hmm... klav
<__KLaViER__VDS> allows u to make onlineb rackets
<KeWL_JCS> u won blur ?
<__KLaViER__VDS> i used that one for something else
<TheOneSabMasta> Kewl you have to face me! For the Losers Winners Circle!!
<__KLaViER__VDS> yea i beat blur
<KeWL_JCS> wow
<__KLaViER__VDS> yea who would have thought?
<LSF_Nickz2000> dam jedi316, blur and yackerz went out real fast
<LSF_Nickz2000> like bowling pins :)
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> i didnt go out fast :)
<KeWL_JCS> hmmmm
<PrincE_YackerZ> no one beats me easily lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> true :)
<PrincE_YackerZ> besides im at 50% mental sanity right now
MoF_StarWarsBoy has entered.
<KeWL_JCS> ah
<PrincE_YackerZ> so .. dat gives omega a big advantage lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> hehe
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> did Rain win?
<LSF_Nickz2000> sHOULDNT they be playing right now?
<LSF_Nickz2000> i think they are but
<PrincE_YackerZ> spent too dang long tinkerin with
<LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated stas
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> can I get in tourny?
<LSF_Nickz2000> sorry mof its already in
<LSF_Nickz2000> - but you can follow the

<MoF_StarWarsBoy> oh god
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> they told me too late
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> and i was drunk sleeping
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> after a heavy night of watching the first trilogy
<LSF_Nickz2000> um JM_Hawkins and Omega better hurry
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> and they changed the music at the end of ROTJ
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I can wield a good saber
<__KLaViER__VDS> u should forfeit both nickz
<__KLaViER__VDS> and give me both gold and silver
<LSF_Nickz2000> Lol nah
<__KLaViER__VDS> is there going to be a 3rd place game?
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> let me sub
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> lol
<PrincE_YackerZ> ya im sure there will be a 3rd place game
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hehe pwnage
<EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> sup hooyerd
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> when is the Bespin tournament
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> hi\
<LSF_Nickz2000> 3rd place is already there its either omeega or sillyblur, depending on who

scored more
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha bespin tournament sweet..
<TheOneSabMasta> Bespin Tourney?
<KeWL_JCS> noooo
<KeWL_JCS> damit
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> all this gives me a good feeling
<KeWL_JCS> i wanted to play
<KeWL_JCS> :(
<LSF_Nickz2000> 3rd place is already there its either omeega or sillyblur, depending on who

scored more :D:D:D:D:D
<PrincE_YackerZ> wat about hawkins?
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I knew this game wasn't dead
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha this game is never dead
<LSF_Nickz2000> oh
<LSF_Nickz2000> yea
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> If i go buy more alcohol will you all still be here when I get back?
<LSF_Nickz2000> well they better hurry
<LSF_Nickz2000> and yea
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> this is a cause to celebrate
<LSF_Nickz2000> are you hooyerd? :S
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> yes
<TheOneSabMasta> Yeah I hear ya MoF
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I lost my list of zone logins so this was in my cookies. One of the last i

<MoF_StarWarsBoy> not a bad name though
<PrincE_YackerZ> haha
<PrincE_YackerZ> ya no one on my zone friends
<PrincE_YackerZ> plays anymore
<PrincE_YackerZ> on anything
<LSF_Nickz2000> well thats it
<LSF_Nickz2000> im giving
<TheOneSabMasta> Same
<LSF_Nickz2000> them
<LSF_Nickz2000> 10 more mins
<LSF_Nickz2000> i dont know where they are
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> did RAIN get in this tourny?\
<LSF_Nickz2000> or what they are doing
<LSF_Nickz2000> no rain did not
<HDK_Omega> we were .5-0
<HDK_Omega> when the
<HDK_Omega> time limit went out
<HDK_Omega> so restart?
<HDK_Omega> and reset score at 0-0?
<HDK_Omega> nick?
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I'm going to the store across the street to get some booze. You should give

them until I get back
__KLaViER__VDS has left.
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> that will give them about 20 minutes
<LSF_Nickz2000> wait what?
<PrincE_YackerZ> Nick nick
<HDK_Omega> i had a hit
<HDK_Omega> but no kill
<HDK_Omega> and the time limit
<HDK_Omega> expired
<LSF_Nickz2000> still what was the socre?
<HDK_Omega> it was 0-0
<LSF_Nickz2000> who won
<HDK_Omega> i had a hit
<HDK_Omega> but no
<HDK_Omega> kill
<LSF_Nickz2000> SUDDEN DEATh
<HDK_Omega> so should we play to one now
<LSF_Nickz2000> first to 1
<HDK_Omega> with neither of us hit?
<LSF_Nickz2000> wow lots of sudden death
<LSF_Nickz2000> yes
<HDK_Omega> ok
<LSF_Nickz2000> you to
<LSF_Nickz2000> sudden death
<LSF_Nickz2000> to 1
<JN_hAwKiNs_> its up
<HDK_Omega> oky
<HDK_Omega> coming
PrincE_YackerZ has left.
<LSF_Nickz2000> #@$!
<LSF_Nickz2000> where did klav go
<HDK_Omega> not sure i have to reboot
<HDK_Omega> my connection is funny
<HDK_Omega> it wont let me join
<HDK_Omega> is there a person
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay
<HDK_Omega> in the finals yet?
<LSF_Nickz2000> but hurry :)
<LSF_Nickz2000> Yes
<LSF_Nickz2000> klav
<HDK_Omega> ok
<HDK_Omega> be right back
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> ok im going to store. Getting the high dollar drinks becuse this is trult a

night to remeber
<LSF_Nickz2000> loll hooyerd
<LSF_Nickz2000> dont spend all ur money
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I'm so happy i would buy for all you alls if I could
<TheOneSabMasta> =)
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> I bet we could put away some booze
<LSF_Nickz2000> hehe
<LSF_Nickz2000> at the end of the tourney we should all bgj
<TheOneSabMasta> YEAH BOOZE
<TheOneSabMasta> afk
<TheOneSabMasta> yeah
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> back in a flash
<LSF_Nickz2000> now where the %#@$ is klav :S
<JN_hAwKiNs_> he coming?
<LSF_Nickz2000> YEs
<LSF_Nickz2000> who won
<LSF_Nickz2000> !
<JN_hAwKiNs_> im still waiting for omega
<KeWL_JCS> lol
HDK_Omega has left.
<JN_hAwKiNs_> uh
<LSF_Nickz2000> omega said he was restarting
<KeWL_JCS> elite
<JN_hAwKiNs_> oh ok
<LSF_Nickz2000> give him 3 mins
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ?!?!?
<LSF_Nickz2000> if hes not back in 3
<LSF_Nickz2000> hes out
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<KeWL_JCS> ill play for him
<JN_hAwKiNs_> yes
<JN_hAwKiNs_> let kewl play for him
<LSF_Nickz2000> in 3 mins
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> kewl can
<JN_hAwKiNs_> =)
<LSF_Nickz2000> but im giving him a chance
<KeWL_JCS> ahahhaha
<KeWL_JCS> really ?
<LSF_Nickz2000> well
<JN_hAwKiNs_> nah
<KeWL_JCS> omega will get pissed
<LSF_Nickz2000> true
<LSF_Nickz2000> sorry kewl :S
<KeWL_JCS> n will unlease MIT hax
<KeWL_JCS> against me
<LSF_Nickz2000> 2 MINS
<LSF_Nickz2000> for omega
<JN_hAwKiNs_> well where is klav?
<LSF_Nickz2000> klav is on, he will be coming shortly
<JN_hAwKiNs_> 1 MINUTE
<LSF_Nickz2000> OMEGA
<JN_hAwKiNs_> lol
<JN_hAwKiNs_> 50 SECONDS
<JN_hAwKiNs_> 49 SECONDS
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ER
<JN_hAwKiNs_> 40
<LSF_Nickz2000> but thats the lsat straw
<JN_hAwKiNs_> lol
<JN_hAwKiNs_> no more mr nice nick
<KeWL_JCS> /nick HDK_Omega
<KeWL_JCS> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> 30
<LSF_Nickz2000> 29
<LSF_Nickz2000> 20
<LSF_Nickz2000> 10
<LSF_Nickz2000> 5
<LSF_Nickz2000> 4
<LSF_Nickz2000> 3
<LSF_Nickz2000> 2
<LSF_Nickz2000> 1
<JN_hAwKiNs_> yessir
<LSF_Nickz2000> Omega has been disquailified for exceeding the 5 min waiting limit for a match
<JN_hAwKiNs_> hes on
<JN_hAwKiNs_> lets do this
<LSF_Nickz2000> hAwKiNs advances
<JN_hAwKiNs_> no
<JN_hAwKiNs_> hes on
<JN_hAwKiNs_> lets do this
HDK_Omega has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> JUST IN TIME
<HDK_Omega> oky coming in
<LSF_Nickz2000> OMEGA omega
<HDK_Omega> saorry
<LSF_Nickz2000> you where about to be dq
<HDK_Omega> sorry
<LSF_Nickz2000> hurry
<HDK_Omega> oky
<JN_hAwKiNs_> yeah
<JN_hAwKiNs_> and be ultra aggressive in game
<JN_hAwKiNs_> so i can slice you in half
<KeWL_JCS> haha
<JN_hAwKiNs_> ...
<JN_hAwKiNs_> still waiting
<LSF_Nickz2000> if he cant join this one
<LSF_Nickz2000> hes out
<KeWL_JCS> haha
<LSF_Nickz2000> im getting tired over here...
<KeWL_JCS> whos out of exile 9
<KeWL_JCS> an alias /
<LSF_Nickz2000> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> yea
<LSF_Nickz2000> prob
<LSF_Nickz2000> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> _KLaViER_VDS vs Out_Of_Exile_9 (5-0 Out_Of_Exile_9 Forfeits the match due to

Comp Problems)
<LSF_Nickz2000> Klav got lucky
<LSF_Nickz2000> _KLaViER_VDS vs sillyblur (5-1 _KLaViER_VDS wins) lucky once again
<LSF_Nickz2000> gf
<LSF_Nickz2000> if my net dies
<LSF_Nickz2000> ill be back
<KeWL_JCS> bah
KeWL_JCS has left.
<LSF_Nickz2000> #@$
<HDK_Omega> gg hawk
<JN_hAwKiNs_> gg
<LSF_Nickz2000> WHO wON
<HDK_Omega> i won nick
<HDK_Omega> sorry about the caps
<HDK_Omega> earlier
<HDK_Omega> but i was in game
<LSF_Nickz2000> okay hold on guys
<HDK_Omega> when yhou msg me
<HDK_Omega> hehe
JN_hAwKiNs_ has left.
<LSF_Nickz2000> _KLaViER_VDS _KLaViER_VDS
<LSF_Nickz2000> _KLaViER_VDS
<LSF_Nickz2000> thats his name
<LSF_Nickz2000> message em
<HDK_Omega> ok
<LSF_Nickz2000> OMEGA
<LSF_Nickz2000> JOIN THAT
<HDK_Omega> _oky
<LSF_Nickz2000> sorry caps
<HDK_Omega> quick question nick
<HDK_Omega> whats the time limit
<HDK_Omega> 30 min
<HDK_Omega> ?
LSF_Nickz2000 has left.
<HDK_Omega> :/
<HDK_Omega> :S
<HDK_Omega> I need to reboot
<HDK_Omega> i can't join
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> Once more, the Sith wil RULE the galaxy. Then we shall have drinks!
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> This is really a fine evening Star Wars friends
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> We have much to be thankful for
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> JK is probably the most successful, long lived multiplayer game in history
HDK_Omega has left.
<MoF_StarWarsBoy> That's if you don't count Chess
HDK_Omega has entered.
The_Carp_King has entered.
The_Carp_King has left.
TheOneSabMasta has left.
<HDK_Omega> gg guys
<HDK_Omega> but one question
<HDK_Omega> then time limit was going
<HDK_Omega> when you started the game right?
<HDK_Omega> because i was looking from when
<HDK_Omega> we actually started fighting
<HDK_Omega> and it was 7:53
<HDK_Omega> my time
<HDK_Omega> we started
LSF_Nickz2000 has entered.
<LSF_Nickz2000> Okay
<LSF_Nickz2000> Klav Has Won The Tourney
<LSF_Nickz2000> Please wait for you trophys
<HDK_Omega> hey nick
<HDK_Omega> we didn't actually
<HDK_Omega> play for 30 min
<HDK_Omega> because we waited for you
<HDK_Omega> when you left
<HDK_Omega> but klav was the host
<HDK_Omega> so his timer kept going
<HDK_Omega> as soon as he entered the game
<HDK_Omega> but ooh well
<HDK_Omega> i won't complain
<HDK_Omega> lol
<LSF_Nickz2000> there ya go omega
<HDK_Omega> thx
<LSF_Nickz2000> The BGJ NF Tourney is complete and _KLaViER_VDS has won, look here for full

<LSF_Nickz2000> (H)
HDK_Omega has left.
LSF_Nickz2000 has left.
<NOFpuXnk_420_> *.iso?