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Date: 6/11/2005
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

eX_MS_Raven> I think he is afk or smethin
eX_MS_Raven> oh
eX_MS_Raven> there he is
  +JohnChaser> Let's direct text.
_XRevolution_X> Fun..
eX_MS_Raven> lol
eX_MS_Raven> how long do you think Hooyer has been at that table lol
_XRevolution_X> a week?
eX_MS_Raven> lol
eX_MS_Raven> most likely longer
eX_MS_Raven> IRC sucks #@$
eX_MS_Raven> Mace is being so critical about JK lol
eX_MS_Raven> newbs...
_XRevolution_X> lol
eX_MS_Raven> And now I have to get him cheat codes just so he can get through level 1
_XRevolution_X> level 1?
_XRevolution_X> geez
eX_MS_Raven> lol
eX_MS_Raven> "The door wont open!"
eX_MS_Raven> "Just die then!"
_XRevolution_X> The guy needs theropy
_XRevolution_X> So whats up JC?
  +JohnChaser> h4x
_XRevolution_X> I see...
  +JohnChaser> I am more powerful than ever!
_XRevolution_X> I'm glad for you
  +JohnChaser> And one day... I shall rule the world!
  +JohnChaser> Hahahahahah.
_XRevolution_X> I see
_XRevolution_X> Bye
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> ok
IronGabriel> hey