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Date: 3/5/2006
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

TheOneSabMasta> Lol
MoF_StarWarsBoy> if they would make this a normal link it would be great. You basically have to know the link to get here
MoF_StarWarsBoy> if nobody told me i never would be able to get here
TheOneSabMasta> =(
LSF_Nickz2000> lol
LSF_Nickz2000> WELL IM OFF JEDI KNIGht fans
TheOneSabMasta> Later!
LSF_Nickz2000> Klav won the tourney
LSF_Nickz2000> :)
LSF_Nickz2000> see yall later
TheOneSabMasta> Night Nihgt
TheOneSabMasta> Alright
PrincE_YackerZ> hey im back lol
LSF_Nickz2000> yackerz
LSF_Nickz2000> its late
LSF_Nickz2000> go to bed :D
TheOneSabMasta> Who here wants to play a game geez
PrincE_YackerZ> :)
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i will
MoF_StarWarsBoy> (SO)
TheOneSabMasta> Lets go
TheOneSabMasta exits.
Ly1c1st_VDS> d
TheOneSabMasta enters.
LSF_Nickz2000 exits.
LSF_Nickz2000 enters.
TheOneSabMasta> Lol geez this is soo har d
HDK_Omega> thing too is that
HDK_Omega> many ppl
HDK_Omega> including myself
HDK_Omega> can't launch the zone
Out_Of_Exile__9> 'night peeps. viva la zone!
HDK_Omega> from this room
Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.
TheOneSabMasta> night
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> nickz
HDK_Omega> g'night
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> was Out_Of_Exile_9 in the tourney?
LSF_Nickz2000> yes
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
LSF_Nickz2000> why ? :S
TheOneSabMasta> lol
HDK_Omega> probably should have stayed
HDK_Omega> in exile
HDK_Omega> j/k
HDK_Omega> lol
LSF_Nickz2000> omega u got 2nd
TheOneSabMasta> i must agree
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> no reason nickz
LSF_Nickz2000> You know what happened everyone
LSF_Nickz2000> guess what
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ?
TheOneSabMasta> what?
LSF_Nickz2000> its a first in jk history
TheOneSabMasta> yeah?
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok enough suspense
PrincE_YackerZ> wehey anyone here
PrincE_YackerZ> Anyone here an expert on getting JK to work
LSF_Nickz2000> omega had 2 rounds of sudden death, he played round 1 till 0-0 15 min time limit, then sudden death till 1, and round 2 0-0 time limit and sudden death till 1, he won both sudden deaths
PrincE_YackerZ> with Router / network settings?
LSF_Nickz2000> ^
PrincE_YackerZ> Anyone an expert on getting JK to work with router and network settings?
TheOneSabMasta> *I AM
TheOneSabMasta> Lol jk
HDK_Omega> was kinda tired
HDK_Omega> afterwards
HDK_Omega> hehe
PrincE_YackerZ> hehe omega howd the tourny go?
TheOneSabMasta> Omega is
HDK_Omega> i lost 2-1 to klav in the finals
HDK_Omega> but we didn't get to play the full
HDK_Omega> 30 min
HDK_Omega> but oh well
HDK_Omega> i wont
HDK_Omega> complain
TheOneSabMasta> =-)
HDK_Omega> hehe
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
LSF_Nickz2000> - Omegas trophy
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> ya :)
PrincE_YackerZ> next tourny ill be unewbie like
LSF_Nickz2000> good
HDK_Omega> yeah
HDK_Omega> you may want to consider
HDK_Omega> a different time
HDK_Omega> but
HDK_Omega> its your call
HDK_Omega> i know thats why many ppl
JKDF2_JKDS1 exits.
HDK_Omega> couldn make it
HDK_Omega> they're out partying our driking now
HDK_Omega> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> what time would be better?
PrincE_YackerZ> lol
TheOneSabMasta> yeah
PrincE_YackerZ> maybe 2 in the afternoon or something
PrincE_YackerZ> saturday
HDK_Omega> i dunno like 1pm
HDK_Omega> on saturday
HDK_Omega> yeah
JKDF2_JKDS1 enters.
HDK_Omega> or something
HDK_Omega> late enough so that
HDK_Omega> everyones up
HDK_Omega> but too early to go out
LSF_Nickz2000> lol maybe
HDK_Omega> i'm a grad student
LSF_Nickz2000> so how would u all rate the zone comeback?
HDK_Omega> so i already
HDK_Omega> dont have a life lol
HDK_Omega> thats why i could mae it
HDK_Omega> seemed interesting so far
HDK_Omega> i saw a few mppl
HDK_Omega> ppl
HDK_Omega> that i haven't seen in a while
HDK_Omega> like mask
HDK_Omega> or Chosen one
TheOneSabMasta> I think we need to move more iRc peeps over here
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> dissapointing turnout but overall success ;)
TheOneSabMasta> ;)
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
LSF_Nickz2000> but after tonight
LSF_Nickz2000> do you think anybody will come back to the zone
LSF_Nickz2000> or was this a one night stand :D
TheOneSabMasta> LoL
TheOneSabMasta> I dunno
LSF_Nickz2000> so quiet..
TheOneSabMasta> I know
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> :)
PrincE_YackerZ> not too quiet
HDK_Omega> i guess it'll either revive jk
HDK_Omega> or split it up
HDK_Omega> hehe
TheOneSabMasta> hehe
HDK_Omega> cuz we were getting
HDK_Omega> alot of ppl
HDK_Omega> in irc
HDK_Omega> just recently
HDK_Omega> 40 ppl one day
LSF_Nickz2000> NAR 5 YEARS AGO... 200 Players, Nar Full, Couldnt host any games, everyone on 56k playing JHS
TheOneSabMasta> Yeah
PrincE_YackerZ> haha ya
PrincE_YackerZ> i think we could get 30 more people in here
PrincE_YackerZ> its jujst a matter of spreading the word
TheOneSabMasta> yeah
PrincE_YackerZ> and abandoning irc
TheOneSabMasta> Nick you are soo right
PrincE_YackerZ> and telling them to get their #@$!% a moving
LSF_Nickz2000> hey guys lets take a trip to the fast
LSF_Nickz2000> *past
TheOneSabMasta> Alright
TheOneSabMasta> !!!
LSF_Nickz2000> hold :)
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
TheOneSabMasta> Ok ^_^
LSF_Nickz2000> anyone remeber this?
LSF_Nickz2000> Anyone remeber this Jedi KNight Article?
LSF_Nickz2000> ?
TheOneSabMasta> lol
LSF_Nickz2000> - anybody remeber?
TheOneSabMasta> hold on
TheOneSabMasta> Lol Nickz
TheOneSabMasta> Wow thats old Zone alright
LSF_Nickz2000> yep
TheOneSabMasta> thats liek 1st or 2nd Generation Zone right there
TheOneSabMasta> ^_^
HDK_Omega> before microsoft
HDK_Omega> if i remember right
HDK_Omega> lol
TheOneSabMasta> lOl
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
TheOneSabMasta> I remeber when zone went down time after time for the updates
TheOneSabMasta> IP games were coordinated
TheOneSabMasta> AIM was REAL popular
TheOneSabMasta> and everyone HATED the new JK zone ^_^
LSF_Nickz2000> HAhAhA GUYS
LSF_Nickz2000> THIS
TheOneSabMasta> what!?
TheOneSabMasta> Come on out with it!
LSF_Nickz2000> its that article still on the site
LSF_Nickz2000> On the current site
JKDF2_JKDS1> JK is back! Come play Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 at !!!
LSF_Nickz2000> - hahahahahah its still there hidden, after all these years
TheOneSabMasta> Lol
TheOneSabMasta> they are SOOO lazy
JKDF2_JKDS1 exits.
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> remember there was discussion about an anti hacking patch
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> for jk
MoF_StarWarsBoy> the dark side is strong in cheaters
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> that the zone was gonna develop
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ummm
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> then kicker helper was released
TheOneSabMasta> yeah
TheOneSabMasta> It sucked lol
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> and that was hailed as the solution to all problems hahaha
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> yeah
MoF_StarWarsBoy> lol
MoF_StarWarsBoy> kicker helper was useless
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I know
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> IP ban was much better
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hehe ;)
TheOneSabMasta> yeah
TheOneSabMasta> ;)
MoF_StarWarsBoy> the hooyerd advanced firewall solution was the most effective
LSF_Nickz2000> - LMAO heretik look
MoF_StarWarsBoy> toggle players in and out of my games at will. No hacker EVER defeated it
MoF_StarWarsBoy> I don't even run with that firewall setup anymore
TheOneSabMasta> lol
MoF_StarWarsBoy> but I did have an entire computer dedicated to being the firewall processor
TheOneSabMasta> ^_^
MoF_StarWarsBoy> now i let netgear do the job and let the chips fall where they may. LOL
TheOneSabMasta> heh
MoF_StarWarsBoy> brb
PrincE_YackerZ> Anyone any good at configging peoples network's and Routers to allow them to play JK?
LSF_Nickz2000> Saturday, March 04, 2006 (US Pacific Time) There are no Tournaments or Events for 3/4/2006.
LSF_Nickz2000> lies
TheOneSabMasta> LIES
MoF_StarWarsBoy> yeah open ports 2300-2400
MoF_StarWarsBoy> if you want to host open ports 47624
MoF_StarWarsBoy> night
LSF_Nickz2000 exits.
TheOneSabMasta> Night Nick
PrincE_YackerZ> gnite
PrincE_YackerZ> thx nick
PrincE_YackerZ> for hostin the tourny
PrincE_YackerZ> darn
PrincE_YackerZ> hes gone
MoF_StarWarsBoy> simpler yet just DMZ your gaming computer. then you wont have to worry about port numbers
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol hooyer, hooyerd advanced firewall solution lmfao
MoF_StarWarsBoy> my games were the games to join for hack free gaming
MoF_StarWarsBoy> remember
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
dP_SpAnKeR enters.
PrincE_YackerZ> hey starwarzboy
dP_SpAnKeR> #@$!
PrincE_YackerZ> ill play ya in a bit :) if u want
dP_SpAnKeR> I want a game now
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Opps a hacker joined BRB. Then I would toss the hacker out like a dead fly. They would never be able to rejoin
PrincE_YackerZ> hey spanker is here yay
PrincE_YackerZ> hm..
MoF_StarWarsBoy> hi
PrincE_YackerZ> smoke dawg says 5 min
dP_SpAnKeR> I want a 1v1 though
dP_SpAnKeR> not a ffa
PrincE_YackerZ> o.. well u can play smokedawg then lol
_NOFpuXnk420_> nice
PrincE_YackerZ> u'd %#@$ me
_NOFpuXnk420_> spank made it
_NOFpuXnk420_> tell jenny u made it
PrincE_YackerZ> i woudlnt be a contest really
_NOFpuXnk420_> woudl give her hope
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Bespin FF
_NOFpuXnk420_> ff o?
PrincE_YackerZ> unles u wana pla ysome bespin
_NOFpuXnk420_> #@$!%#@
_NOFpuXnk420_> <- best ffo player ever
PrincE_YackerZ> id play some FF too lol
dP_SpAnKeR> pux
_NOFpuXnk420_> rofl
dP_SpAnKeR> shut up
PrincE_YackerZ> <- best FF bespin players everlol
dP_SpAnKeR> your just saying that because im here
_NOFpuXnk420_> thats true
_NOFpuXnk420_> but its still funny
MoF_StarWarsBoy> someone give an IP cuz this zone joining aint doing so hot tonight
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ip for what?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Butcher was the greatest Bespin player of all time I am convinced
_NOFpuXnk420_> swb= smokin the good @$!%
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hehe
MoF_StarWarsBoy> but BUtcher left the scene around 2002
MoF_StarWarsBoy> maybe earlier
PrincE_YackerZ> butcher?
PrincE_YackerZ> who the heck is butcher?
PrincE_YackerZ> i played bespin only for 2 years
PrincE_YackerZ> cause i had trial lol
PrincE_YackerZ> it was sad
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> umm
dP_SpAnKeR> someone join my game
MoF_StarWarsBoy> He played Bespin and owned Bespin. He was my mentor
PrincE_YackerZ> i got quite amazing at it
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> .. Prince_Karbon and i used to own it back in the day lol
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hooyerd you are the pwnage at rotate
PrincE_YackerZ> and Apocalypse (Typhoon in the later days)
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> man
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> i would get so pwned by ya at bespin
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> i hate bespin, even to this day
MoF_StarWarsBoy> rotate rocks. It was the funnest
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I gave you a run for your money with NSLT NF tho ;)
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> you are such a pull #@$!% haha
MoF_StarWarsBoy> never boring on rotate. You get to play everything
MoF_StarWarsBoy> and no one had room to !%#@$ if you were willing to play everything
PrincE_YackerZ> i was a light jedi
PrincE_YackerZ> force absorb
PrincE_YackerZ> and conc rifle
PrincE_YackerZ> pulled everyone else
PrincE_YackerZ> and dominated
PrincE_YackerZ> very simple game
MoF_StarWarsBoy> I have never played this game as a dark player
PrincE_YackerZ> ive only done it a few times
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Light 100% of my Jedi career
PrincE_YackerZ> karbon was dark..
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hooyerd is a true jedi
PrincE_YackerZ> he was prob the best dark FF bespin player
MoF_StarWarsBoy> I wouldn't know where to begin as a darkie
PrincE_YackerZ> he just gripped a lot
PrincE_YackerZ> and hit people with his saber
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i like those
PrincE_YackerZ> u cant pull his saber
PrincE_YackerZ> so it worked wel
PrincE_YackerZ> specially in bespin
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> word spanker is on, I didn't notice haha
PrincE_YackerZ> where its tight corridors
PrincE_YackerZ> haha ya
PrincE_YackerZ> i convinced him i guess :)
MoF_StarWarsBoy> grip me in a 10X10 ft room and hit me with your saber. hehe. either we both die or the darky dies
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> hehe.. well karbon would usually get u both to die
PrincE_YackerZ> and then newbie rape everyone else
MoF_StarWarsBoy> that is why i like Bespin because of the tight enclosed spaces. I always sucked where movement was a big part of the level
PrincE_YackerZ> ya dats why i was never good at guns in oasis much
PrincE_YackerZ> u gotta move a lot in bespin too
PrincE_YackerZ> but..
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I liked co nf/ff alot back in the day
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> i hate it now haha
PrincE_YackerZ> u dont have to aim as well
PrincE_YackerZ> ya.. im "ok" at it
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> yeah yackerz
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> just shoot a nearby wall, chances are, you will have taken out someone just by chance ;)
PrincE_YackerZ> yup
MoF_StarWarsBoy> yeah
PrincE_YackerZ> dats the theory in bespin lol
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> u hit the walls
PrincE_YackerZ> around the person
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i rarely did that
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i like to trap and stick on rail charges. My weapon of choice on bespin was rail. If i used concussion it was because I didnt have a rail
PrincE_YackerZ> ya rail prob would be good
PrincE_YackerZ> in tight hallways
PrincE_YackerZ> i tended to control the big main arena area
PrincE_YackerZ> and stock people when i saw em coming near that
PetroRock_PhN enters.
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> rail is the pwnage but I always found it too slow lol
PrincE_YackerZ> *stalk
MoF_StarWarsBoy> and of course i was notorius for laying traps with mines. i never could pick up enough of those mines
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lolo
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I'm crashing folks, good to see you all :)
MoF_StarWarsBoy> night
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Star Wars friend
_NOFpuXnk420_> Zone is back
_NOFpuXnk420_> dunna dunna dunna
PrincE_YackerZ> indeed :) im lovin it
_NOFpuXnk420_> all those newbs who dont know yet
_NOFpuXnk420_> are %#@
_NOFpuXnk420_> dunna duna dunna
_NOFpuXnk420_> yeah
_NOFpuXnk420_> go find snoopy
_NOFpuXnk420_> and the other pince elites
_NOFpuXnk420_> whos the otehr im thingking off
_NOFpuXnk420_> that i always ask if its first time on nar
MoF_StarWarsBoy> the little wookies
_NOFpuXnk420_> jeez
_NOFpuXnk420_> its been so long
TheOneSabMasta> yeah
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i'm just happy i found my Boba Fett sweat shirt today. I was really bummed out for a few weeks
_NOFpuXnk420_> dammit
_NOFpuXnk420_> no tell me his name
_NOFpuXnk420_> hes the most elite prince memer
_NOFpuXnk420_> ever
_NOFpuXnk420_> #@$!
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Xizor
_NOFpuXnk420_> no
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i need another shot of kentucky bourbon
MoF_StarWarsBoy> brb
PrincE_YackerZ> karbon?
PrincE_YackerZ> nofx?
PrincE_YackerZ> is that who u thinkin of lol
MoF_StarWarsBoy> Manager Wanda?
PrincE_YackerZ> there were a lotta Prince lol
MoF_StarWarsBoy> it dont matter stop thinking. It's too hard to think when we are partying our asses off
PrincE_YackerZ> we e
PrincE_YackerZ> u think we can get over 50 again?
PrincE_YackerZ> people in here
MoF_StarWarsBoy> posssibly
PrincE_YackerZ> ya..
PrincE_YackerZ> we havent topped 20 i dont think tonight
MoF_StarWarsBoy> if the force is with us
PrincE_YackerZ> but we were close
MoF_StarWarsBoy> this is like a 2 year record maybe
MoF_StarWarsBoy> when did they take down the zone link to JK?
PrincE_YackerZ> for the zone yes lol
PrincE_YackerZ> hm.. 2003
PrincE_YackerZ> sometime i think
PrincE_YackerZ> na
MoF_StarWarsBoy> a year or more i think
PrincE_YackerZ> maybe early 2004
MoF_StarWarsBoy> ok
MoF_StarWarsBoy> time flies for me
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i cant keep track
PrincE_YackerZ> ya likewise
PrincE_YackerZ> too fast
MoF_StarWarsBoy> As i get older my drinks get colder. I guess it isn't too bad
MoF_StarWarsBoy> If i could just win the lottery i would be set. I would be smoking marijuana on a Costa Rican beach for the rest of my life
MoF_StarWarsBoy> with a wireless connection to JK
PrincE_YackerZ> hey petro
PrincE_YackerZ> u around?
HDK_Omega exits.
HDK_Omega enters.
DE_Jedi316> who won yacks the saber thing
PrincE_YackerZ> klav
PrincE_YackerZ> did
PrincE_YackerZ> he's aight
DE_Jedi316> who did he face
PrincE_YackerZ> i can beat him on a good day
PrincE_YackerZ> omega
PrincE_YackerZ> guy dat beat me ..
HDK_Omega> barley lol
HDK_Omega> and the thing is
HDK_Omega> the next match
HDK_Omega> i had
HDK_Omega> overtime
HDK_Omega> too against
HDK_Omega> hawkins
PrincE_YackerZ> haha :).. ur mr. defense.. more so than me
PrincE_YackerZ> i need to work on attacking
PrincE_YackerZ> and not being afraid to attack
PrincE_YackerZ> if i attack full out right.. im good
PrincE_YackerZ> but im timid in tournies
PrincE_YackerZ> at attacking
HDK_Omega> ahh
HDK_Omega> yeah you're more aggresive
HDK_Omega> in your
MoF_StarWarsBoy> can we play
HDK_Omega> ffa games
DE_Jedi316> how could u not hit eachother
DE_Jedi316> in 15 mins
PrincE_YackerZ> we played cat and mouse
DE_Jedi316> thats retarded, its called fighting
HDK_Omega> we were playing main
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> ya main
DE_Jedi316> not running
PrincE_YackerZ> and cave ramp
HDK_Omega> that's nothing
HDK_Omega> i've played an hour and a half
PrincE_YackerZ> i dont attack on cave ramp lol
HDK_Omega> with woex
HDK_Omega> before
DE_Jedi316> thats just stupid
HDK_Omega> well
HDK_Omega> i don't mind it
HDK_Omega> and i'm playing so
HDK_Omega> *shrugs*
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i hate the cave whores who just want to play the game there
HDK_Omega> guess everyone does
HDK_Omega> what works
HDK_Omega> for them
MoF_StarWarsBoy> I don't even boither going to them
HDK_Omega> and still have fun
PrincE_YackerZ> i love cave :)
PrincE_YackerZ> dats my home
PrincE_YackerZ> cliff is a lil risky
PrincE_YackerZ> i can fight decent everywhere tho.. just not the same as cave
divNoVaCaiNe> Who won the tourney?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i like strategic runs and attacks with room and movement
HDK_Omega> klavy
divNoVaCaiNe> hahahaha
divNoVaCaiNe> pathetic
HDK_Omega> ya
HDK_Omega> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> hm
HDK_Omega> i will have to
PrincE_YackerZ> now should i play
HDK_Omega> train
PrincE_YackerZ> sabers or guns?
HDK_Omega> 24 hours a day
HDK_Omega> to get better
HDK_Omega> and I WILL
PrincE_YackerZ> sabers or guns?.,. lol
HDK_Omega> mouse exercises
PrincE_YackerZ> spanker and get raped.. smoke and get smoked..
HDK_Omega> driking powerade
PrincE_YackerZ> or sabers and just do ok
HDK_Omega> ok that's sarcasm
HDK_Omega> ;lol
HDK_Omega> what i meant to say was
PrincE_YackerZ> haha..
HDK_Omega> at least it gave me a break
HDK_Omega> from research
HDK_Omega> lol
HgCN enters.
HgCN> o_O
MoF_StarWarsBoy> BGJ NF is now playing at choose training game when you get the choise of games to join. I am there now
HDK_Omega> i mean
HDK_Omega> the game ended
PrincE_YackerZ> hey mof
HDK_Omega> 15 min early
HDK_Omega> then the 30 min
TheOneSabMasta> So anyone Got Empire Nght Club?
HDK_Omega> time limit
HDK_Omega> but i didn't care
HDK_Omega> just wanted to play
HDK_Omega> lol
TheOneSabMasta> I need that Level Badly
PrincE_YackerZ> ya i have it
divNoVaCaiNe> Who was in finals?
TheOneSabMasta> Mind sending Via Email Yack?
PrincE_YackerZ> hey nova
divNoVaCaiNe> Yo ho ho
divNoVaCaiNe> stupid $!% zone
HgCN> I need to either find my JK CD if I still have it, or find a good torrent
divNoVaCaiNe> I can't make any nova names
TheOneSabMasta> i think Beef Has 2 ISOs up so thats a backup plan
HgCN> indeed
HgCN> are they hosted HTTP/FTP or torrent?
TheOneSabMasta> FTP i believe
divNoVaCaiNe exits.
SmokeDaaawgg> <scott and blow those african baby niggers heads clean off mean
_NoVaCa1Ne_VDS enters.
HgCN> hmm
MoF_StarWarsBoy> ok im ou to fthe game
HgCN> I'm fairly surprised, torrentspy actually has a seemingly healthy seed
TheOneSabMasta> MoF man does you JK hosting work?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> my seed are healthy too.
DE_Jedi316 exits.
HgCN> stingy bastards
HgCN> I'm getting a 1 kb/s dl off it _
HgCN> <_<
PrincE_YackerZ> aighty :)
PrincE_YackerZ> whose up for sabers?
PrincE_YackerZ> big huge FFA lol
HDK_Omega> mee
HDK_Omega> just want to swing sabers at ppl
HDK_Omega> lol
TheOneSabMasta> same
TheOneSabMasta> me
HDK_Omega> nova you in?
PrincE_YackerZ> nova wake up
PrincE_YackerZ> lol
HDK_Omega> I already have to deal with so many ego's
MoF_StarWarsBoy exits.
HDK_Omega> at work
HDK_Omega> here i just
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
HDK_Omega> want to have fun
HDK_Omega> lol
_NoVaCa1Ne_VDS exits.
PrincE_YackerZ> indeed
TheOneSabMasta> same
__N0VACAINE__ enters.
__N0VACAINE__ exits.
__N0VACAINE__ enters.
MoF_StarWarsBoy enters.
__N0VACAINE__> God I can't satand the zone
MoF_StarWarsBoy> wow
PrincE_YackerZ> haha why?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> my connection dropped
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i can probably hosty
__N0VACAINE__> I can't make anything that says novacaine
HDK_Omega> can you
HDK_Omega> zf me the ip
HDK_Omega> lol
HDK_Omega> dont tell me
HDK_Omega> that novacaine
HDK_Omega> is a banned word
HDK_Omega> that would just be lame
HDK_Omega> i remember how Dsbr_Asskicker still kept his name
HDK_Omega> after the zone made those
HDK_Omega> prohibitions
HDK_Omega> on certain names
PrincE_YackerZ> Aighty
PrincE_YackerZ> im gona launch
PrincE_YackerZ> Huge Saber FFA: Join by IP: if ur not in the room
PrincE_YackerZ> BGJ NF sabers ffa: Huge Saber FFA: Join by IP: if ur not in the room
PrincE_YackerZ> k im a launching :)
__N0VACAINE__ exits.
NoVaCaiNe_LoVE enters.
TheOneSabMasta> Come on guys
TheOneSabMasta> Lets get a BIG game Started
TheOneSabMasta> Dont COme here just to sit around GEEZ
NoVaCaiNe_LoVE exits.
MoF_StarWarsBoy> im not getting into that game
TheOneSabMasta> Why?
TheOneSabMasta> your router $!%#@$! #@$! up?
Ly1c1st_VDS> you may have my prob
Ly1c1st_VDS> :/
Ly1c1st_VDS> gl
PrincE_YackerZ> uh oh :(
HDK_Omega> ?
PrincE_YackerZ> starwarsboy
MoF_StarWarsBoy> just join my game
PrincE_YackerZ> u play any games thus far?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> BGJ NF my game going now'
PrincE_YackerZ> if u havent u might need to set ur dang router up
HgCN> the people seeding JK are greedy ]=<
HgCN> ah crap I need to think about my router
TheOneSabMasta> yeah Come on People Lets get our Routers in order
PrincE_YackerZ> k star wars boy
PrincE_YackerZ> im gona try to join ur game lol
TheOneSabMasta> uyeah me too
TheOneSabMasta> I want a big game
TheOneSabMasta> lets #@$!%#@ Big game i play 10 People NF GUNZ in BEEZ New Gun Level
PrincE_YackerZ> we could do taht lol..
PetroRock_PhN exits.
TheOneSabMasta> lol
PrincE_YackerZ> wats the address for the level?
TheOneSabMasta> Beef
TheOneSabMasta> hold on
TheOneSabMasta> you know Beefcaikes Website
MoF_StarWarsBoy> is it working
TheOneSabMasta> No
TheOneSabMasta> you need to configure your router my man
PrincE_YackerZ> ya :( i cant connect to ur game
PrincE_YackerZ> i tried bro
HDK_Omega> i cant either
HDK_Omega> can yak
HDK_Omega> host
HDK_Omega> i always
HDK_Omega> can get in his games
HDK_Omega> pretty much
PrincE_YackerZ> omega u play guns?
PrincE_YackerZ> Site to help cinfigure routers:
Ly1c1st_VDS exits.
HDK_Omega> not well anymore
HDK_Omega> but used to
HDK_Omega> hehe
HDK_Omega> what level
HDK_Omega> dralloc ctf?
HDK_Omega> ohh
TheOneSabMasta> yeah Great Level
TheOneSabMasta> Made me come back to this Game
HDK_Omega> i love the ctf
HDK_Omega> lvl
HDK_Omega> its huge
TheOneSabMasta> it was a Massive gam 10 Guyz
TheOneSabMasta> yeah not a Bad CTF
MoF_StarWarsBoy> na it is all elementary to me. My router is configged. actually DMZd to my gaming computer. I been doing this for years. Soomething wierder is going on
MoF_StarWarsBoy> i just confirmed i can play games fine on the jkserver. perhaps your router could be the issue?
MoF_StarWarsBoy> #@$! break brb
TheOneSabMasta> Lol naw
TheOneSabMasta> try again
TheOneSabMasta> and dont leave the game
TheOneSabMasta> just give us the IP
IRN_ProZaC> yack has some kind of router wierdness
IRN_ProZaC> but I can join his games
TheOneSabMasta> I was in the game with him a minute ago
TheOneSabMasta> yea see
IRN_ProZaC> dralloc ctf is tight
IRN_ProZaC> can we get a 3v3 up? :)
TheOneSabMasta> in a Bit
TheOneSabMasta> nvm
HDK_Omega> no wait
HDK_Omega> it was
HDK_Omega> a wrong number
HDK_Omega> i can play
HDK_Omega> ya i agree
HDK_Omega> with proz
HDK_Omega> ctf is great
TheOneSabMasta> i guess
IRN_ProZaC> im thinking about organizing a dralloc ctf league of some sort
TheOneSabMasta> LoL
PrincE_YackerZ> lala
HDK_Omega> hey yak
TheOneSabMasta> youd be lucky to organize 2 of these Non Playing %#@$!%#
HDK_Omega> do you still have
HDK_Omega> your other version
HDK_Omega> of jk
HDK_Omega> this one is screwy
IRN_ProZaC> think about it, you wouldn't need a full clan, just 3 guys total who could play informal matches
HDK_Omega> i remember
HDK_Omega> i had it before
PrincE_YackerZ> haha ya..
PrincE_YackerZ> hm..
HDK_Omega> when i try to create a character
HDK_Omega> it crashes
HDK_Omega> out on me
PrincE_YackerZ> darn
HDK_Omega> zm me
PrincE_YackerZ> ya i have it
PrincE_YackerZ> ill send it to u
HDK_Omega> of irc
HDK_Omega> oky
HDK_Omega> thanks
PrincE_YackerZ> man
PrincE_YackerZ> my head hurts lol
PrincE_YackerZ> all i wana do is play some jk :)
TheOneSabMasta> Me too
TheOneSabMasta> GOD
TheOneSabMasta> 40 people on IRC
PrincE_YackerZ> i know .. hehe
TheOneSabMasta> not a @$!% one wants to play WHAT WE CAME HERE TO PLAY!
PrincE_YackerZ> we should be able to equal it in here
MoF_StarWarsBoy> just join the jk server and select the training levels game. If you cant join that game then you really need to reevaluate your setup
TheOneSabMasta> ok MoF
PrincE_YackerZ> is that the JK server?
TheOneSabMasta> Yes
TheOneSabMasta> SBX
MoF_StarWarsBoy> and for whatever reason now i cant join the JK server. I been playing there all night and now i can't join. Maybe it is rebooting
TheOneSabMasta> Naw level changing
MoF_StarWarsBoy> k
TheYoung0ne enters.
PrincE_YackerZ> whose the young one?
PrincE_YackerZ> oo hes spidey
_NOFpuXnk420_> newb
TheYoung0ne> yea
TheYoung0ne> <newb
PrincE_YackerZ> hehe
IRN_ProZaC> lol bad ping alert
TheOneSabMasta exits.
__KLaViER__VDS enters.
WLP_Punk_Red5 enters.
WLP_Punk_Red5> finally, jeesusss
WLP_Punk_Red5> took me forever to make this version of my name
WLP_Punk_Red5> wouldn't let me do anything
evilspectre exits.
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> congrats punk :)
PrincE_YackerZ> glad u made it
PrincE_YackerZ> join game 3
WLP_Punk_Red5> if you guys need one
IRN_ProZaC> i wonder how long it will take nofx to wake up and notive the name change in game 1
WLP_Punk_Red5> id rather not play till tomorrow with this connection
WLP_Punk_Red5> lol
IRN_ProZaC> its jk... so you ping 250, so what
IRN_ProZaC> thats probably an advantage at this point
WLP_Punk_Red5> i know, i hate being @$! like that
HDK_Omega> lol at the title
HDK_Omega> of game 1
PrincE_YackerZ> BGJ NF sabers elite team game
Evangeline_AP enters.
Evangeline_AP> Whwere's teams
Evangeline_AP> <-NoVa
__KLaViER__VDS exits.
KeWL_JCS enters.
TheYoung0ne exits.
T_Psyche enters.
Evangeline_AP exits.
T_Psyche exits.
WLP_Punk_Red5 exits.
ALcO_SyK enters.
ALcO_SyK> hi
PrincE_YackerZ> hi
HDK_Omega> hey alco want to play some ctf
HDK_Omega> me kewl
ALcO_SyK> loool
HDK_Omega> and prozac
ALcO_SyK> im drunk but aight
HDK_Omega> are trying to get a game together
HDK_Omega> do you have
HDK_Omega> dralloc?
HDK_Omega> we're in irc
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> this is gona be tough..
PrincE_YackerZ> zone vs. irc wars
MoF_StarWarsBoy> nighty night Star Wars friends
MoF_StarWarsBoy exits.
PrincE_YackerZ> nighty night star wars boy
PrincE_YackerZ> hope u get ur jk working
ALcO_SyK> :O
HDK_Omega> here's the ip alco
HDK_Omega> if you want to join
ALcO_SyK> ok
dP_SpAnKeR> alco
dP_SpAnKeR> you playing a game?
PrincE_YackerZ> he
PrincE_YackerZ> might be lol
PrincE_YackerZ> spanker can u beat alco usually?
PrincE_YackerZ> or could u lol
ALcO_SyK> ?
ALcO_SyK> im not pointing fingers, and i havent played anyone
ALcO_SyK> but
ALcO_SyK> i find it funny how alot of people own at this game
ALcO_SyK> but yet completely
ALcO_SyK> and utterly
ALcO_SyK> in any other game
PrincE_YackerZ> haha
PrincE_YackerZ> i blow at this game
PrincE_YackerZ> and in every other game
PrincE_YackerZ> im just a good diplomat
PrincE_YackerZ> and used to be one of the best at nf sabers
PrincE_YackerZ> now.. i got nothin ,. lol
PrincE_YackerZ> just my diplomatic skills
ALcO_SyK> heh
PrincE_YackerZ> o well its sleep time.. i hope some more people start hoppin on the zone train
ALcO_SyK> ya im about to pass out too
ALcO_SyK exits.
KeWL_JCS exits.
_Master__Yoda__ enters.
HgCN exits.
_Master__Yoda__> wow
HDK_Omega> pa?
_Master__Yoda__> the good old days
HDK_Omega> ahh
_Master__Yoda__> flash backs
HDK_Omega> hehe
_Master__Yoda__> the dark ages, the golden ages
HDK_Omega> the bad old days
_Master__Yoda__> i remember those
HDK_Omega> what ever happended
HDK_Omega> to D1
_Master__Yoda__> i still ahve a copy
HDK_Omega> deadly one rather
HDK_Omega> lol
_Master__Yoda__> let see if this works though
_Master__Yoda__> kind of funny
_Master__Yoda__> jk has always been on the zone
HDK_Omega> yeah
HDK_Omega> although
HDK_Omega> its not on the main page anymore
_Master__Yoda__> i wonder if my port triggers worked...
_Master__Yoda__> no why would it
HDK_Omega> but these servers
HDK_Omega> are still up
_Master__Yoda__> lol scary isnt it
HDK_Omega> yup
HDK_Omega> lol
_Master__Yoda__> hey mega
_Master__Yoda__> can you set up a game
HDK_Omega> unfortunately
_Master__Yoda__> i need to do some testing
HgCN enters.
HDK_Omega> I can't launch
HDK_Omega> from the zone
_Master__Yoda__> really
HDK_Omega> yeah
_Master__Yoda__> i cant join
HDK_Omega> i have a
HDK_Omega> erm
_Master__Yoda__> i am trying to find the ports
HDK_Omega> "special"
HDK_Omega> verision of jk
_Master__Yoda__> lol
HDK_Omega> that the zone can't recogzie
HDK_Omega> check out
_Master__Yoda__> well you join my game
HDK_Omega> yeah
BeefCaike enters.
HDK_Omega exits.
_Master__Yoda__> bugger
_Master__Yoda__> what dam port could it be
_ss__twin enters.
_ss__twin> Boo.
_Master__Yoda__> Sue
_ss__twin> snap?
_Master__Yoda__> frank
Phelan_Laos_ enters.
Phelan_Laos_> WHOS AWAKE
Phelan_Laos_> FJDLASK;FDSA
Phelan_Laos_> HI
_ss__twin> I'm awake
Phelan_Laos_> HOW ARE YOU
_ss__twin> I'll be better if you step AWAY from the caps lock.
Phelan_Laos_> NEVAR
_ss__twin> how are you?
Phelan_Laos_> GOOD THANKS
Phelan_Laos_> HOW ARE YOU
_ss__twin> Fine enough
_ss__twin> just discovered these rooms weren't dead so I'm pretty happy.
_Master__Yoda__> nah
_Master__Yoda__> i find it sheepish
_ss__twin> No I don't.
_ss__twin> My name is never changing...except when they deleted my other account and wouldn't let me remake it the same...
_Master__Yoda__> lol
_Master__Yoda__> hmm
TheOneSabMasta enters.
TheOneSabMasta exits.
BOTH_dUSK_ enters.
BOTH_dUSK_ exits.
DSbr_InfErnO enters.
_Master__Yoda__ exits.
ORJ_Pyro enters.
Phelan_Laos_> I AM THE BEST
ORJ_Pyro> *-)
ORJ_Pyro> not sure
Phelan_Laos_> I AM FOR %#@$ SURE
ORJ_Pyro> I dunno, yo