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Date: 3/5/2006
Location: Nar Shaddaa, Game 1
Uploaded: Yes

WODZ_TEXT_GOD> hi get out of my home
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> you wish biatch
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> lolz
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> are you going to attempt to break my record?
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> that which is unbreakable
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> 52 days
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> lol
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> nobody
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> and i mean nobody
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> can go more than a couple days
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> because zone disconnects ya all the time
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> hehe
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> thats why we had a rotation team
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> and we held the room for 52 days
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> it didn't used to be that way did it?
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> we had two holds
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> the first hold record was 39 days
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> set by sparta and myself
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> who was that set by
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> oh
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> the second ws 52 by myself and spikey
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> wasn't sparta aroudn recently
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> maybe..idk
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> i can get him here any time
audacity_3 enters.
audacity_3> is anything gonna happen
audacity_3> lol
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> we just sit here
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> forever
audacity_3> thats @$! no offence
audacity_3> rnt ya gonna play anything
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> it's not like it's different from what we've always done
MoF_ReTaLiAToR> hehe
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> they play in other games
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> room 1 is just to sit around
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> thats how its been for eight years
audacity_3 exits.
KeWL_JCS enters.
KeWL_JCS> hax0r
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> ret thinks he is going to sit in this room
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> and try to match my world record or something
WODZ_TEXT_GOD> how foolish
KeWL_JCS> lol
KeWL_JCS exits.
_Master__Yoda__ enters.
_Master__Yoda__ exits.