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Date: 3/5/2006
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yesZ?

(2:50:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> mask you need JK installed to join a room

(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - hehe 12 players left

(2:50:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lolz

(2:50:55 PM) _AnyHotT33NS_> #@$!%#@ SAKE soz for language but im going for a bottle of vodka... !%#@ zone cant even recover my passwords

(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(2:50:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hmm

(2:50:55 PM) Mask_KTL> remake your ktl name

(2:50:55 PM) _AnyHotT33NS_ exits.

(2:50:55 PM) Mask_KTL> dumbass

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay well now its a 8 player tourney... if it gets less then this

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> im cancelling

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000>

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> anway

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> whos here

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> anyone?

(3:05:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - 8 Player Tourney Official Match Listing

(3:05:48 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS enters.

(3:05:48 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> poor jedz

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hexen

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you are coming righht?

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - 8 Player Tourney Official Match Listing

(3:07:51 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> what happened to all the players

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> they dropped

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(3:07:51 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> hmm ghey

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yea i kno

(3:07:51 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> what is the prize for winning this tourney of champions

(3:07:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hehe thats what you will have to see

(3:29:41 PM) Mask_KTL> you get !%#@$! up the $!% by nick

(3:29:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(3:29:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but yea be there :)

(3:29:41 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> i have enough jpeg images =/ from before plz no more of those

(3:29:41 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> why did so many people drop nick

(3:29:41 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS exits.

(3:29:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> dont kno

(3:29:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.

(3:29:41 PM) PrincE_YackerZ enters.

(3:29:41 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> sup?

(4:00:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey hey

(4:00:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hm.. i dono if my

(4:00:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> security settings are screwy

(4:00:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> or what

(4:00:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> but i had to try like 4 times to log in lol

(4:00:31 PM) Ly1c1st_VDS enters.

(4:00:31 PM) Mask_KTL exits.

(4:00:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.

(4:00:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 8 Player Tourney Official Match Listings

(4:00:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(4:09:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> why is it 8 player now lol?

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> because ppl decided to drop out

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> for various reasons

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sigh lol but it will continue

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> if we get less then that then its just me, u, hexen, and de_jedi lol

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but i think we will have at least 8

(4:09:51 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hmm

(4:09:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ^o)

(4:09:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha

(4:09:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> we can get more than 8 im sure

(4:20:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> we'll prob be able to get 16

(4:20:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> just gotta ask guys

(4:20:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> to sign up come the time

(4:20:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i guess :)

(4:20:17 PM) Ly1c1st_VDS exits.

(4:20:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ill be back later guyz

(4:20:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> man the fort for me

(4:20:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :D

(4:20:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.

(4:20:17 PM) Mask_KTL enters.

(4:25:17 PM) Darth_Gnarl_ enters.

(4:25:17 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> sup G!

(4:25:17 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> sup fellas

(4:25:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey hey

(4:25:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> not much

(4:25:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hows it goin?

(4:25:17 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yaaaaccckkkk

(4:25:17 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> sup man

(4:25:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> not much :) do i know u?

(4:25:17 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> sry I was in and out last night

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> in and out of what last night lol?

(4:26:01 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yackman?

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya dat would be me :)

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> gnarlydewd

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> dat is u! lol

(4:26:01 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> <-yep

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> didnt reconize u

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> on here lmbo

(4:26:01 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> hahahaha

(4:26:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> wow lol

(4:27:28 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> so did u use the ?

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> ? whats this?

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> hahahah cool

(4:27:28 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha..

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yeah

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> nice

(4:27:28 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> yup yup :).. lot easier thank thinkin bout the classic link and such..

(4:27:28 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i was bored and made that today lol

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yeah I hate that link

(4:27:28 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> it always redierects you

(4:29:25 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> at first

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> yup.. its dumb..

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> u gotta sign into the bloody passport first

(4:29:25 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> so were gonna fill this thing up tonight ?

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i hope so :)

(4:29:25 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> that would be funny

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> yup yup.. @ 6:00 im gona spam the in the lobby and tell people to get their !%#@$! in here lol

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> o my the zone censor .. censor's !%#@$!

(4:29:25 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> is there some sort of tourney goin on too?

(4:29:25 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya 7:00

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> they might need some more people to play in it

(4:30:46 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> #@$! I'm gonna be workin

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> so im sure if u are on then. .and wana play

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> aw man

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> o well

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> im gona get a hair cut

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> and a shower

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ill ttyl

(4:30:46 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> who is gonna spam #massassi get all those fags in too

(4:30:46 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha ill do that too

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> lol nice

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> gonna test that

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_ exits.

(4:43:42 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS enters.

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_ enters.

(4:43:42 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hummm

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yeah that msn link is $!%

(4:43:42 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> each time I had to do it twice

(4:43:42 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> msn link?

(4:43:42 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hm.. prob the one to sign in

(4:47:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> oh even if you are logged in, I'm not sure you can directly go to the game=jedi page

(4:47:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> from another window

(4:47:55 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hmm...

(4:47:55 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ret if u can think of a better way to do that.. im all ears lol

(4:47:55 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> umm yeah I was already logged in

(4:47:55 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> that link is the ghey

(4:47:55 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> the zone is the ghey

(4:47:55 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> jk is the ghey

(4:47:55 PM) SmokeDaaawgg enters.

(4:47:55 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> LMFAO!!!

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> SUPZ!

(4:48:29 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> Smoke

(4:48:29 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> !!!11

(4:48:29 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> sup nigra

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> HAHA ITS GNARL!!!

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> i never talekd to you on zone

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> :(

(4:48:29 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> lol

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> i remember seeing your !%#@ !%# name tho

(4:48:29 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> :)

(4:50:40 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> nice

(4:50:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> haha i had the chat filter on

(4:50:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> it said !%#@$!^ name tho

(4:50:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> jajajaja

(4:50:40 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> hahahahahahahahahaha

(4:50:40 PM) ChosenOne_KTL enters.

(4:50:40 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> yhaha :)

(4:50:40 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> welcome to the zone

(4:50:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> finally

(4:50:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> i had to use !%# explorer

(4:51:40 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> lol

(4:51:40 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> hey

(4:51:40 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey chosen one

(4:51:40 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> someone duel meh :o

(4:51:40 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> or we could do teams

(4:51:40 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> man

(4:51:40 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS> bleh nm i gtg be back later

(4:51:40 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS exits.

(4:51:40 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> only 3 games up hehe

(4:51:40 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> same here

(5:01:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> whats pw on 1 guys

(5:01:00 PM) ORJ_Wes enters.

(5:01:00 PM) ORJ_Wes> Hello

(5:01:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> hey

(5:01:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> brb

(5:01:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL exits.

(5:01:00 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> anarchy

(5:01:00 PM) SmokeDaaawgg>

(5:01:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL enters.

(5:01:00 PM) Phelan_Laos_ enters.

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> oh

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> I AM BACK #@$! YOU ALL !%#@$ %#@$!% @$!%#@ JEW SPIC SYSOPS EAT MY @$!%!!!

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> I AM BACK #@$! YOU ALL !%#@$ %#@$!% @$!%#@ JEW SPIC SYSOPS EAT MY @$!%!!!

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> I AM BACK #@$! YOU ALL !%#@$ %#@$!% @$!%#@ JEW SPIC SYSOPS EAT MY @$!%!!!

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> I AM BACK #@$! YOU ALL !%#@$ %#@$!% @$!%#@ JEW SPIC SYSOPS EAT MY @$!%!!!

(5:04:31 PM) Darth_Gnarl_> yeah dont let john chaser know we are here

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> hey

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> how do i change my zone name

(5:04:31 PM) Phelan_Laos_> and that anti flooding !%#@ sucks

(5:04:31 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> yeah how do you change zone names

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> i have game 75

(5:06:45 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> would be handy to know hehe

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> the back of the bus is where all the cool kids go

(5:06:45 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> im used to a log on being on my zf

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> ya

(5:06:45 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> they updated big time

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> msn passports are !%#

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> DSbr Tryouts game 75 NH NC

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> *** DSbr Tryouts game 75 NH NC ***

(5:06:45 PM) Phelan_Laos_> *** DSbr Tryouts game 75 NH NC ***

(5:07:47 PM) Phelan_Laos_> *** DSbr Tryouts game 75 NH NC ***

(5:07:47 PM) sillyblur enters.

(5:07:47 PM) ORJ_Wes exits.

(5:07:47 PM) Phelan_Laos_> *** DSbr Tryouts game 75 NH NC ***

(5:07:47 PM) T_Psyche enters.

(5:07:47 PM) Phelan_Laos_> we should go advertise on popular zone servers

(5:07:47 PM) sillyblur> hi

(5:07:48 PM) Phelan_Laos_> saying jk is back on the zone

(5:07:48 PM) Phelan_Laos_> im sure there are some old jk'ers that play aoe and rs and %#@$

(5:07:48 PM) Phelan_Laos_> and whatever else zone carries

(5:10:39 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> lol rs

(5:10:39 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> doubt it dude

(5:10:39 PM) Phelan_Laos_> why

(5:10:39 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> cs:s, swot6..

(5:10:39 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> hey but maybe some people do :/

(5:10:39 PM) Phelan_Laos_> are those on the zone

(5:10:39 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> dont know

(5:10:39 PM) sillyblur> haha

(5:10:39 PM) DE_Jedi316> wow

(5:10:39 PM) DE_Jedi316> c1 hehe

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> everyone has four bar ping now

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> that used to be rare

(5:13:37 PM) Darth_Gnarl_ exits.

(5:13:37 PM) Darth_Gnarl_ enters.

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> I (l) you all

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> ({)'s for all

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> I slowly un button my shirt

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur> and pull down my track pants

(5:13:37 PM) T_Psyche> Where to get Merc 2 mod?

(5:13:37 PM) sillyblur>

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> WE HAVE OUR FIRST NEWBIE

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> AWSOME

(5:13:59 PM) T_Psyche> No

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> Psyche go to

(5:13:59 PM) sillyblur> NEWBIE

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> for jk mods

(5:13:59 PM) T_Psyche> Been here since 1999

(5:13:59 PM) sillyblur> OMFG NEWBIE

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> yes yes

(5:13:59 PM) Phelan_Laos_> i know

(5:16:30 PM) Phelan_Laos_> for all your gaming needs

(5:16:30 PM) T_Psyche> Thank you

(5:16:30 PM) T_Psyche> The last mod I ever played for this game was DBZ 4.0 -_-"

(5:16:30 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey phelan lol

(5:16:30 PM) Phelan_Laos_> hey

(5:16:30 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> glad u made it to the zone lol

(5:16:30 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> did u see the link i gave u:

(5:16:30 PM) Phelan_Laos_> how do i get to it though

(5:16:30 PM) Phelan_Laos_> from zone

(5:16:30 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> omg

(5:16:43 PM) Phelan_Laos_> cuz im not logged in on that link

(5:16:43 PM) audacity_3 enters.

(5:16:43 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> 11 people!

(5:16:43 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> pwnage!

(5:16:43 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> log in..

(5:16:43 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> 12!

(5:16:43 PM) audacity_3> hello

(5:16:43 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> then go to that link

(5:16:43 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey ya

(5:16:43 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> Phelan

(5:17:05 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> audacity

(5:17:05 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> if you are on

(5:17:05 PM) sillyblur> where do I get hax

(5:17:05 PM) Phelan_Laos_> there is no login button

(5:17:05 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> go to support

(5:17:05 PM) sillyblur> I want hax

(5:17:05 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> then "change my nickname"

(5:17:05 PM) sillyblur> can someone give me hax

(5:17:05 PM) Phelan_Laos_> ok thanks

(5:17:05 PM) Phelan_Laos_> thats all i needed

(5:18:25 PM) sillyblur> any of you guys ever play that Ants game on here?

(5:18:25 PM) T_Psyche> Great, already we're in the need for cogs..

(5:18:25 PM) sillyblur> u know where I can get some?

(5:18:25 PM) Phelan_Laos_> #@$! i cant recreate any of my old names

(5:18:25 PM) Phelan_Laos_> this is !%#

(5:18:25 PM) sillyblur> HEY

(5:18:25 PM) T_Psyche> I used to know the site, but it's dead

(5:18:25 PM) sillyblur> STOP SWEARING

(5:18:25 PM) Phelan_Laos_> #@$! you

(5:18:25 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> Phelan...have you even been on zone since 02/03 update

(5:18:54 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> lol

(5:18:54 PM) Phelan_Laos_> no

(5:18:54 PM) T_Psyche> isn't working...

(5:18:54 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> its phelan jajajajajajajajaja

(5:18:54 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lies, I've seen you on since then ;)

(5:18:54 PM) Phelan_Laos_> haha psyche

(5:18:54 PM) sillyblur> ;)

(5:18:54 PM) Phelan_Laos_> you have?

(5:18:54 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> under the nick "Phelan"

(5:18:54 PM) sillyblur> ;)

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> #@$! #@$!%

(5:19:58 PM) audacity_3> lol

(5:19:58 PM) Phelan_Laos_> the last time i came on zone was like 2 months ago when you guys said there was still a zone link

(5:19:58 PM) Phelan_Laos_> before that it was probably 6 years

(5:19:58 PM) sillyblur> I missed you guys like incestial cousins

(5:21:29 PM) audacity_3 exits.

(5:21:29 PM) Phelan_Laos_> dude

(5:21:29 PM) Phelan_Laos_> #@$

(5:21:29 PM) Phelan_Laos_> like every variation of DSbr_Phelan has been used

(5:21:29 PM) Phelan_Laos_> DSbr_Phelan

(5:21:29 PM) Phelan_Laos_> DSbr_Phelan_

(5:21:29 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:21:29 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10GAME 10

(5:21:29 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:21:29 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:02 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:02 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:02 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:02 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> GAME 10

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> haha you %#@$

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> don't turn DND on me

(5:23:03 PM) sillyblur> I created you

(5:32:02 PM) Phelan_Laos_ exits.

(5:32:02 PM) DSbr_nalehP enters.

(5:32:02 PM) DSbr_nalehP> hello

(5:32:02 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey

(5:32:02 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> someone is in the catina lmbo

(5:32:02 PM) sillyblur> HAHA

(5:32:02 PM) sillyblur> can you believe game 5

(5:32:02 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> nope lol

(5:32:02 PM) sillyblur> WILL ANYONE JOIN MY CLAN

(5:32:02 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha

(5:35:11 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> wat si ur clan

(5:35:11 PM) sillyblur> silly

(5:35:11 PM) T_Psyche exits.

(5:35:11 PM) HDK_Omega enters.

(5:35:11 PM) HDK_Omega> hey all!

(5:35:11 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> Yayy

(5:35:11 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> Congrats !!!

(5:35:11 PM) sillyblur> HI OMEGA

(5:35:11 PM) sillyblur> do u want to join my clan?

(5:35:11 PM) HDK_Omega> blur!

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> whats up

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> what's the name

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> of your clan

(5:36:17 PM) sillyblur> silly

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> haha

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> I can't get in

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> any of the rooms

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> since I have a "special"

(5:36:17 PM) HDK_Omega> version of jk

(5:36:17 PM) sillyblur> oh

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> OMG

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> U HAVE A PIRATED VERSION OF JK?

(5:36:56 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> #@$!%#@ HACKER

(5:36:56 PM) HDK_Omega> NO

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> HACKER HACKER

(5:36:56 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> u cant sayy pirated on the zone :-P

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> HACKER ALERT

(5:36:56 PM) HDK_Omega> it's "special"...

(5:36:56 PM) sillyblur> i'm going to go clense my @$!%#@$.

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha.. well i guess u'll still have to be doin IP games..

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> u know u can download a real version

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> and crack it.

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> aka a pirated version

(5:37:35 PM) HDK_Omega> yeah i have your version

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> my version?

(5:37:35 PM) HDK_Omega> actually yakz

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> o did i send it to u?

(5:37:35 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> or did u get it off the prince site

(5:38:48 PM) HDK_Omega> the one

(5:38:48 PM) HDK_Omega> on prince's website

(5:38:48 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> o ok haha..

(5:38:48 PM) HDK_Omega> man this chat is laggy

(5:38:48 PM) HDK_Omega> lol

(5:38:48 PM) HDK_Omega exits.

(5:38:48 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> lol..

(5:38:48 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> not for me

(5:38:48 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> wait omega are u here?

(5:38:48 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> he musta lagged out or somethin

(5:40:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i am the best

(5:40:47 PM) sillyblur> no

(5:40:47 PM) sillyblur> you're not

(5:40:47 PM) sillyblur> stop saying you are

(5:40:47 PM) sillyblur> because you're not

(5:40:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i am

(5:40:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> noone can defeat me here

(5:40:47 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> im the best in this internet gaming room.

(5:40:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i am

(5:40:47 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.

(5:42:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Omg, the zone!

(5:42:05 PM) sillyblur> fight

(5:42:05 PM) sillyblur> fight fight

(5:42:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Hi guys!

(5:42:05 PM) sillyblur> get lost %#@

(5:42:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> ?

(5:42:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> hi

(5:42:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> do you want to tryout for DSbr

(5:42:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Nah

(5:42:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I want to Gun it up

(5:43:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you would lose

(5:43:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you should pack it in and call it a day

(5:43:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Not in Bespin Mining Station

(5:43:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I guarantee

(5:43:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> haha

(5:43:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i bet i would %#@$ you

(5:43:00 PM) sillyblur> FIGHT

(5:43:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You talk alot of junk for someone who doesn't know me.

(5:43:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i can talk all the %#@$ i want cuz i am the best

(5:43:00 PM) T_Psyche enters.

(5:44:12 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> BS

(5:44:12 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You're talk.

(5:44:12 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you are more talk than me

(5:44:12 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Start a room any time.

(5:44:12 PM) DSbr_nalehP> see because i own you, my talk is factual

(5:44:12 PM) DSbr_nalehP> yours is fictional

(5:44:12 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You are just 0's and 1's. Random !%#@ spit out from my Cable Modem, god $!%# internet.

(5:44:12 PM) DSbr_nalehP> host ji oasis

(5:44:12 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i give you my gaurantee

(5:44:12 PM) HDK_Omega enters.

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> that you will be in the negatives

(5:45:09 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$! JI Oasis, that's for @$!%#@$.

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> if you have a 0 or more

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i will say you won

(5:45:09 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> This is JK. The zone.

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ok

(5:45:09 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> A level made by a !%#@$, for %#@$!%#, like you.

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> the fact you play bespin tells me enough about your skill as a jk player

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> which is why i can make fun of you

(5:45:09 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i can laugh at you all day long

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> and take it to the bank

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> and cash out later

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> and continue to laugh at you

(5:46:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You don't even reccomend CO even? I can tell alot about you as a JK Player for even mentioning the shit that JI Oasis is.

(5:46:05 PM) HDK_Omega> haha just like the good old days

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> dude

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> anybody whos anybody played ji oasis in competition

(5:46:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I bet you think JHS is fun.

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you probably dont like ji oasis cuz there are too much concs

(5:46:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you want to use bowcaster and repeater

(5:46:45 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> JHS is $!%# I shat out last week.

(5:46:45 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Exactly.

(5:46:45 PM) DSbr_nalehP> hahahahaha

(5:46:45 PM) RaZaZeL exits.

(5:46:45 PM) DSbr_nalehP> #@$!%#@ newbie

(5:46:45 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> JK isn't about the %#@$!%# conc you looser.

(5:46:45 PM) DSbr_nalehP> host a bespin game

(5:46:45 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ill neg you

(5:46:45 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> pfft

(5:46:45 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ill give you my gaurantee

(5:47:43 PM) DSbr_nalehP> if i dont neg you

(5:47:43 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> The zone is a waste of time, with shits like you.

(5:47:43 PM) DSbr_nalehP> if you get 0 or more

(5:47:43 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ill say you won

(5:47:43 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Oh, so now you're up?

(5:47:43 PM) DSbr_nalehP> host i just said host

(5:47:43 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you have a reading problem boy?

(5:47:43 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Boy?

(5:47:43 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Ha.

(5:47:43 PM) HDK_Omega exits.

(5:49:06 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I'm gonna #@$!%#@ idle in here.

(5:49:06 PM) DSbr_nalehP> so are you being a %#@$! or are you hosting a game newbie?

(5:49:06 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Fool, you're just wasting your time and energy on me. I'm untouchable. We'll play, when I want to play.

(5:49:06 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ok newbie

(5:49:06 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i accept your forfeit

(5:49:06 PM) DSbr_nalehP> gg

(5:49:06 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Forfeit my @$!.

(5:49:06 PM) DSbr_nalehP> learn to play jk and maybe ill consider talkign to you

(5:49:06 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> It ain't even started yet.

(5:49:06 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You're on my clock, #@$!%.

(5:51:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta enters.

(5:51:00 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> haha good ol nar shaddaa chat

(5:51:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> nice one, 1999 called, they want there line back

(5:51:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Muahahahha

(5:51:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Oh Yeah JK Zoneage

(5:51:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> were you taking notes when i used to shit talk newbies like yourself?

(5:51:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> cuz i swear you stole that one from me

(5:51:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$!%#@$, my shits poppin fresh.

(5:51:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> fresh like your grandmas #@$!%

(5:51:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$!, that's a little more burn with that one, seeings how she's rotting in the ground.

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> exactly

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> unfresh

(5:51:57 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You're original. 8-)

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> like i stated

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i am actually original

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> cuz i am the one that started using this @$!% originally

(5:51:57 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you are just copying people who copied me

(5:51:57 PM) sillyblur> no I am

(5:51:57 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$!, you ain't shit. The zone wasn't like this back in 96, #@$!%.

(5:51:57 PM) sillyblur> #@$!%

(5:52:42 PM) DSbr_nalehP> it was like this in 98

(5:52:42 PM) sillyblur> 9*!

(5:52:42 PM) sillyblur> 98!

(5:52:42 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Yea, you %#@$!%# ruined it, which is why it's dead, now.

(5:52:42 PM) DSbr_nalehP> haha

(5:52:42 PM) sillyblur> YEAH #@$!%#@

(5:52:42 PM) DSbr_nalehP> we made jk great

(5:52:42 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Sure.

(5:52:42 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Keep telling yourself that, while you hide away, snuggling your blankey and sipping your ba-ba.

(5:52:42 PM) DSbr_nalehP> without us jk would be boring, and it would be like a vague dream

(5:54:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> cuzo f me its fresh in everyones mind

(5:54:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta> ...

(5:54:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Please.

(5:54:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta> whats going on here?

(5:54:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Take a big helping of STFU.

(5:54:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> explaining how i am the heart and soul of the jk community sabmasta

(5:54:00 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Lol Phelan ^_^

(5:54:00 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Someone's got an ego problem.

(5:54:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i cant help the fact i run show

(5:54:00 PM) DSbr_nalehP> thats just how it is

(5:55:07 PM) DSbr_nalehP> the sky is blue

(5:55:07 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Phelans a cool dude Exile Im sure he's pulling your leg =)

(5:55:07 PM) DSbr_nalehP> water is wet

(5:55:07 PM) DSbr_nalehP> phelan runs show

(5:55:07 PM) TheOneSabMasta> BRB

(5:55:07 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You run circus.

(5:55:07 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$! dude, you probably RELY on lag in JK.

(5:55:07 PM) DSbr_nalehP> do you see my ping?

(5:55:07 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You don't even have bars on my end.

(5:55:07 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you got a 63 ping

(5:56:23 PM) DSbr_nalehP> retard

(5:56:23 PM) DSbr_nalehP> come again though

(5:56:23 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Hmm, a retard who can type, punctuate, AND use the internet. Call guiness.

(5:56:23 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you are all over the place son

(5:56:23 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you cant focus on one thing

(5:56:23 PM) PetroRock_PhN enters.

(5:56:23 PM) PetroRock_PhN> there

(5:56:23 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> #@$! #@$!%, I'm everywhere.

(5:56:23 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> lol

(5:56:23 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I am, was, and will always be.

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> this is the max that zone use to get when it was shut down

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> like 13-15 peeps

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> lol

(5:56:59 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you cant stick to one carve cuz you realize how lame they are the second you use them

(5:56:59 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> You've a one track mind.

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:56:59 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> That's what set's Me, from tiny insignificant, you.

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:56:59 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> flood

(5:57:05 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> haha

(5:57:05 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i can see the underlining theme in this though

(5:57:05 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> we need a sysop in here

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you've got a crush on me

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> its ok

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i know everyone wants to be me

(5:58:18 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Like I've got a crush on dying a horrible and @$!%# death.

(5:58:18 PM) PetroRock_PhN> lol

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> who knows maybe you are a suicidal emo %#@

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> you do afterall play bespin nf

(5:58:18 PM) DSbr_nalehP> and talk %#@$ about it

(5:58:18 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Suicide is the easy way out.

(5:58:18 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> And you play JI Oasis.

(5:58:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ok this was fun stuff we should do it again soon exile

(5:58:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> i gotta jet though

(5:58:47 PM) PetroRock_PhN> because he's leet

(5:58:47 PM) PetroRock_PhN> hockey again phelan?

(5:58:47 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> And use the conc to satisfy your lame needs.

(5:58:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> ya

(5:58:47 PM) PetroRock_PhN> #@$

(5:58:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> hehe

(5:58:47 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Sure.

(5:58:47 PM) DSbr_nalehP> later folks

(6:02:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Let's tango again.

(6:02:54 PM) DSbr_nalehP exits.

(6:02:54 PM) TheOneSabMasta> bye Phe

(6:02:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Yyyyea

(6:02:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.

(6:02:54 PM) PetroRock_PhN exits.

(6:02:54 PM) T_Psyche exits.

(6:02:54 PM) T_Psyche enters.

(6:02:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.

(6:02:54 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> U FAGS NEED TO IDLE HERE

(6:03:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> DONT EXIT

(6:03:40 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I AM

(6:03:40 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> HERE

(6:03:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> phelan left

(6:03:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> #@$

(6:03:40 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> *passes a joint*

(6:03:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> who are you?!"!?!?!!?

(6:03:40 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker

(6:03:40 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.

(6:03:40 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> haah

(6:13:26 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> ok

(6:13:26 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> PASS DAT SPLIFF SON

(6:13:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ONE HOur to the tourney

(6:13:26 PM) SmokeDaaawgg> jeah

(6:13:26 PM) T_Psyche exits.

(6:13:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Official Match ups for the tourney!

(6:13:26 PM) Morrandil enters.

(6:13:26 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> Who made that site

(6:13:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> heretik

(6:13:26 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> lala

(6:14:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Official Match ups for the tourney

(6:14:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol

(6:14:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> people will arrive im sure

(6:14:49 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> it might be cool to try adding a ladder for jk people could sign up on

(6:14:49 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> and get back into the swing of things :)

(6:14:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha dats a good idea

(6:14:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey if u wana be in charge of it.. ill support ya :).

(6:14:49 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> I think Id sign up hehe

(6:14:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i was the big advocate behind the push people to get back to the zone tonight

(6:14:49 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> I dont really have that much time to be in charge of it sorry

(6:16:18 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> :(.. ya me neither

(6:16:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> we have 12

(6:16:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lets hope for more

(6:16:18 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> old times :)

(6:16:18 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> everyone no shows :p

(6:16:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ChosenOne

(6:16:18 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> yea?

(6:16:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> would you like to be in our BGJ tourney if some of the contestents do not show up?

(6:16:18 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> nah

(6:16:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okays

(6:17:52 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> I might of, had I known like a week back hehe

(6:17:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> anyone wana play?

(6:17:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> something or other

(6:17:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i think im jus gonna sit back

(6:17:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> Join game 2 for some bgj nf sabes

(6:17:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and waTch the people come throgh the doors

(6:17:52 PM) HDK_Omega enters.

(6:17:52 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> heres one now :)

(6:17:52 PM) HDK_Omega> hey all

(6:17:52 PM) ChosenOne_KTL> hey

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Omega

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Official Match ups for the tourney!

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> heres the match ups

(6:18:19 PM) HDK_Omega> what time is it?

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> for our tourney

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> in 45 mins

(6:18:19 PM) HDK_Omega> whoa

(6:18:19 PM) HDK_Omega> lost track of time

(6:18:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 45 mins till the tourney and your in

(6:19:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check who your facing :)

(6:19:00 PM) HDK_Omega> why did it get cut down

(6:19:00 PM) HDK_Omega> to only 8?

(6:19:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ppl decided to drop oout for various reasons

(6:19:00 PM) HDK_Omega> there