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Date: 3/4/2006
Locaton: The Cantina
Uploaded: NO

Note: Notepad destroyed the formatting on this log. I don't have the time to go through and add spacing to each line. If someone wants to do it, that would be great. Email the reformatted version to us at

(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> are officialy in now(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Official Match Listings(2:50:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol wodz & phelan = no shows I'm pretty certain(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> seriously?(2:50:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> yeah(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> dam lots of ppl dropping(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but it must go on :)(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - there we go, now only 12 player tourney(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> geesh(2:50:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 8 Player Tourney Official Match Listings(5:40:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(5:40:26 PM) RaZaZeL exits.(5:40:26 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS enters.(5:40:26 PM) MrHeXeN_VDS exits.(5:40:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.(5:40:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.(5:40:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.(5:40:26 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> .(5:40:26 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.(6:32:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> DOH(6:32:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> WRONG ROOM(6:32:20 PM) DE_Jedi316 enters.(6:32:20 PM) DE_Jedi316 exits.(6:32:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.(6:32:20 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.(6:32:20 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Official Match ups for the tourney!(6:32:20 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.(6:32:20 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.(6:32:20 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 exits.(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000 enters.(6:58:08 PM) DE_Jedi316 enters.(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey(6:58:08 PM) HDK_Omega enters.(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey(6:58:08 PM) HDK_Omega> heyo(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okays everyone(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> host games(6:58:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and find your oppenents(6:58:08 PM) HDK_Omega> I can't host in zone(7:03:14 PM) HDK_Omega> but Ill message(7:03:14 PM) HDK_Omega> yack(7:03:14 PM) HDK_Omega> over ip(7:03:14 PM) DE_Jedi316> i am here(7:03:14 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay(7:03:14 PM) Morrandil enters.(7:03:14 PM) Morrandil exits.(7:03:14 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_ enters.(7:03:14 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> I just wanna liveeee(7:03:14 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey(7:04:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> host a game(7:04:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and find your ooppent(7:04:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> which is de_Jedi316(7:04:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ enters.(7:04:31 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> to 5 15 mins?(7:04:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> report back to me who wins guys(7:04:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes(7:04:31 PM) Ly1c1st_VDS enters.(7:04:31 PM) DE_Jedi316> i can tell u i am gonna lose now hehe(7:04:31 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> lol im prob gona lose to(7:06:34 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Omega and Yackerz(7:06:34 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> begin your game plz :)(7:06:34 PM) HDK_Omega> he's hosting(7:06:34 PM) sillyblur enters.(7:06:34 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> hey can you post a link to the brackets real quick(7:06:34 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> ty(7:06:34 PM) HDK_Omega> what s the time limit(7:06:34 PM) HDK_Omega> 15?(7:06:34 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes(7:10:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> score till 5(7:10:18 PM) HDK_Omega> oky(7:10:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> host here guys(7:10:18 PM) DE_Jedi316> gl all have fun(7:10:18 PM) HDK_Omega> same 2 u 2(7:10:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> well :S(7:10:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> host yackerz lol(7:10:18 PM) __KLaViER__VDS enters.(7:10:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Klaveir(7:10:18 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> hello(7:11:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hello(7:11:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hold on plz(7:11:06 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> k(7:11:06 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> im checking the rules(7:11:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Klavier(7:11:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you will face sillyblur(7:11:06 PM) sillyblur> no(7:11:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes..(7:11:06 PM) sillyblur> i'm facing sab(7:11:06 PM) sillyblur> no(7:12:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay fine :S(7:12:23 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> nicky(7:12:23 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> who am i facing(7:12:23 PM) sillyblur> i'll face klav next round(7:12:23 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ?(7:12:23 PM) sillyblur> but i'm making final 4 first(7:12:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> klavier you will face exile or(7:12:23 PM) sillyblur> I win(7:12:23 PM) sillyblur> first victory of the tourney(7:12:23 PM) sillyblur> belongs to me(7:14:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hehe nice(7:14:08 PM) sillyblur> i'm unstopable(7:14:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Exile will be ready in a few mins Klavier(7:14:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hope you dont mind the wait(7:14:08 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> np(7:14:08 PM) sillyblur> i'm the best there ever was(7:14:08 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> how long do i have to wait?(7:14:08 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> its like(7:14:08 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> 4:11(7:14:31 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> the other guy should forfeit(7:14:31 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> lol(7:14:31 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.(7:14:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> there he is(7:14:31 PM) sillyblur> there he is(7:14:31 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Hi(7:14:31 PM) sillyblur> nice try klav(7:14:31 PM) sillyblur> you cheater(7:14:31 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you guys get ready(7:14:31 PM) sillyblur> klav cheats(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> im ready(7:15:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Klav vs Out(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ok(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ill host(7:15:17 PM) sillyblur> i should have a bye to the championship game now(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> game 8(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> exhile(7:15:17 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> game 8(7:15:17 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.(7:15:17 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.(7:17:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> good luck all(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> I strike fear into the heart of my opponents(7:17:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> good you will either face Klav or Out Of Exile(7:17:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> in the next round(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> okay(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> you're making trophies, right?(7:17:08 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol youll see(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> no(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> not i'll see(7:17:08 PM) sillyblur> either you are or you arn't(7:17:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> I acutally am not(7:17:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> only for the winner(7:17:48 PM) sillyblur> could you?(7:17:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> of the whole tourney(7:17:48 PM) sillyblur> no(7:17:48 PM) sillyblur> do top 3(7:17:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Ill do first, 2nd and 3rd(7:17:48 PM) sillyblur> ly olympics(7:17:48 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yea(7:17:48 PM) sillyblur> like*(7:18:50 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> wait(7:18:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> who won guys?(7:18:50 PM) Ly1c1st_VDS exits.(7:18:50 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Nobody, lol(7:18:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> #@$?(7:18:50 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Mine won't join =\(7:18:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:18:50 PM) sillyblur> klav won(7:18:50 PM) sillyblur> exile forfits(7:18:50 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> PM) LSF_Nickz2000> nope they are playing a game by IP(7:20:20 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> yea(7:20:20 PM) sillyblur> no IP games allowed(7:20:20 PM) sillyblur> #@$(7:20:20 PM) sillyblur> this tourney is rigged(7:20:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> _<(7:20:20 PM) sillyblur> SEe!(7:20:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> My JK is messed up(7:20:20 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> It crashed on join(7:20:20 PM) sillyblur> he forfits(7:20:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> crap(7:20:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> =P(7:20:54 PM) sillyblur> HE FORFITS(7:20:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> w/e(7:20:54 PM) sillyblur> YOU LOSE(7:20:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I just want to play.(7:20:54 PM) sillyblur> okay there, loser(7:20:54 PM) sillyblur> did you have fun losing, exile?(7:20:54 PM) DE_Jedi316> losssse(7:20:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay HOLD ON everyone(7:21:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> inputting stats etc(7:21:55 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> errr(7:21:55 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 exits.(7:21:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> exile forfiets(7:21:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Klav you win :)(7:21:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you will face sillyblur(7:21:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay?(7:21:55 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> noooo(7:21:55 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> not blur(7:21:55 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> he'(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> s too good(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> noooo(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> i don't wanna face someone too goo too early(7:22:30 PM) sillyblur> this is the semi finals(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ok(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> u know my ip(7:22:30 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> PM) __KLaViER__VDS> joi nin(7:22:30 PM) DE_Jedi316> lol(7:22:30 PM) sillyblur> you cant play on this?(7:23:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> JN Hawkins(7:23:46 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> yessir(7:23:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you will face either Yackerz or omega(7:23:46 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> oh ok(7:23:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> DE_Jedi316 sorry(7:23:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you are out(7:23:46 PM) DE_Jedi316> haha(7:23:46 PM) DE_Jedi316> yes i am(7:23:46 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated(7:24:52 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> r u coming blurr?(7:24:52 PM) sillyblur> yes(7:24:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> OH Hex never showed up?(7:24:52 PM) DE_Jedi316> and where is yack why is his ping %#@$!(7:24:52 PM) DE_Jedi316> d(7:24:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> well(7:24:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> omega and yackers are still fighting(7:24:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 15 min time limit(7:24:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> is set(7:24:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> go omega!(7:28:55 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> i call host for the next round =P(7:28:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:28:55 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> wassssup(7:28:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:28:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sup heretik(7:28:55 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated(7:28:55 PM) HDK_Omega> we have to go any nick(7:28:55 PM) HDK_Omega> tyak and me(7:28:55 PM) HDK_Omega> were 0-0(7:28:55 PM) HDK_Omega> at the time limit(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> we have to go again*(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> rather(7:29:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> gosh(7:29:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> ao in this case(7:29:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> fine(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> what are(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> the rules(7:29:29 PM) HDK_Omega> tfirst to 1?(7:29:29 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> sudden death(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> SUDDEN DEATh(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> first who scores(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 1 wins(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :)(7:30:04 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> word(7:30:04 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> how is it going(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yep(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> good(7:30:04 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> how many rounds so far?(7:30:04 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hold(7:30:49 PM) DE_Jedi316> u were 0-0 @$!(7:30:49 PM) DE_Jedi316> how could u run around for 15 mins(7:30:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> o we did(7:30:49 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> lol(7:30:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated(7:30:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay(7:30:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> first who scores wins(7:30:49 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sudden death(7:30:49 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> k ill be back in an houe(7:30:49 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> hour(7:35:06 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol so only 1 so far(7:35:06 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok(7:35:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated(7:35:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and trophys will be presented 10 mins after the tourney is complete, the first 3 places(7:35:06 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lol(7:35:06 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> #@$ happened to novacaine(7:35:06 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> a no show(7:35:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> meh he died(7:35:06 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> ?(7:35:06 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :D(7:35:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> :((7:35:29 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> lol(7:35:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> poor nova(7:35:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:35:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Yackers arent you and omega(7:35:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya..(7:35:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> gonna sudden death(7:35:29 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> his gf never showed?(7:35:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> he couldnt connect to my game a second game(7:35:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> so hes hosting(7:36:05 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> im waitin for him to get his ip(7:36:05 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay.. sorry hawkins(7:36:05 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> jus hold on awhile(7:36:05 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> np(7:36:05 PM) sillyblur> klav won(7:36:05 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> eww klav :-P hehe(7:36:05 PM) __KLaViER__VDS exits.(7:36:05 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay thank you(7:36:05 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Klav(7:36:05 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ?(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> KLAV?(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sillyblur(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> what was the score(7:39:00 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ReLinQu1sH is a no show haha(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yep(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> heh(7:39:00 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> where is hexen, he was on earlier(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> he didnt show(7:39:00 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :-O(7:39:42 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> lolz(7:39:42 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated, klav is away, but he has times, still 2 matchs left before the final one(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> hey nick(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> we have a problem(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> neither of us(7:39:42 PM) __KLaViER__VDS enters.(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> can join the game(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> of the other now(7:39:42 PM) HDK_Omega> can you host a game(7:39:42 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hmmmm(7:40:14 PM) HDK_Omega> and then we both(7:40:14 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i cant router(7:40:14 PM) HDK_Omega> join that(7:40:14 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ?(7:40:14 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but ret?(7:40:14 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> im here(7:40:14 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> oh shizzle(7:40:14 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok I'll host if need be(7:40:14 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> take screenies ret :)(7:40:14 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> someone give me the go ahead(7:40:47 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> i will(7:40:47 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> what settings again(7:40:47 PM) HDK_Omega> cool(7:40:47 PM) HDK_Omega> just bgj nf(7:40:47 PM) sillyblur exits.(7:40:47 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Nice to hear of your win Klavier(7:40:47 PM) HDK_Omega> to 1(7:40:47 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> thanks nick(7:40:47 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated, klav is away, but he has times, still 2 matchs left before the final one(7:40:47 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hes back **(7:41:16 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> lol(7:41:16 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ok so(7:41:16 PM) HDK_Omega> haha thanks for the vote of confidence hawkins(7:41:16 PM) HDK_Omega> lol(7:41:16 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> just zm me when they're done(7:41:16 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> yea?(7:41:16 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9 enters.(7:41:16 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay, sounds great(7:41:16 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey exile(7:41:16 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Hey(7:41:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I think I'm good(7:41:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :S(7:41:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> its a little too late(7:41:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> lolz(7:41:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> Oh well(7:41:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated(7:41:54 PM) Out_Of_Exile__9> I'd like to just play to be honest(7:41:54 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> exile(7:41:54 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ill play u(7:41:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes you guys can warm up(7:42:44 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> its not official but w/e :D(7:42:44 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> k(7:42:44 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> how many games b4 they're ready nick?(7:42:44 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> 2?(7:42:44 PM) DE_Jedi316> whos not ready god %#@$ lol(7:42:44 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yea(7:42:44 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> nickz(7:42:44 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but one is gonna be pretty fast(7:42:44 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> what settings(7:42:44 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> bgj nf(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> to 1(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sudden death(7:43:53 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> ok(7:43:53 PM) DE_Jedi316> is yack and omega still going?(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> heh funny story about that(7:43:53 PM) DE_Jedi316> how do u not hit eachother, they both have god hack on? lol(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> they played for 15 mins(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> its now a sudden death(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> first one to kill(7:43:53 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> wins(7:44:52 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> I will give you ip(7:44:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha(7:44:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> na het(7:44:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> we got it fixed(7:44:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :S(7:44:52 PM) DE_Jedi316> this is sad yack(7:44:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> dont worry :)(7:44:52 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> err(7:44:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> omegas restartin(7:44:52 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> so no need to host?(7:45:15 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> have you guys gone yet?(7:45:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> something went wrong with him(7:45:15 PM) HDK_Omega exits.(7:45:15 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> ok(7:45:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you guys better finish soon, or your both dq :) :)(7:45:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> and he couldnt connect to anything(7:45:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha.(7:45:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> we're dueling on cliff(7:45:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> so theres no where to run now(7:45:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay go(7:46:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i gotta wait for him to come back(7:46:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> if he doesnt come back in 5 mins, u win(7:46:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha na..(7:46:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> if he dont come back in 5 minutes.. he wins :)(7:46:52 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i dont want any victories i didnt earn lol(7:46:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> its ok(7:46:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> you both lose(7:46:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> =)(7:46:52 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> im kidding geeeez(7:46:52 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> lol(7:50:01 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> hawkins(7:50:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> k hes back(7:50:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> iinn i go(7:50:01 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> why don't we we just play the final match between u and i(7:50:01 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> hhee(7:50:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :S(7:50:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> At the end of the tourney, Give me 10 mins and trophys will be posted.. Then tommorow a site about the tourney will be posted.. Look for it on the forums(7:50:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> all quiet(7:50:01 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> hey nick(7:50:01 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> for forfeited games(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> or games with problems(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> should be p[osted !%#@-0(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> posted $!%# to 0(7:51:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> good point(7:51:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> updating..(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> five to zero(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> looks more legit(7:51:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and the site tommorow will be posted on forums(7:51:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and the trophys 10 mins after the tourney(7:51:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> lol(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> what kind of trophy r they gonna be?(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> made out of gold hopefully(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> so i can sell it for few thousand bucks(7:52:40 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> about 3 feet tall(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> on ebay(7:52:40 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> he'll ship them after the tourney(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> k cool(7:52:40 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ship it to PM) LSF_Nickz2000> def(7:52:40 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ill post em online(7:53:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and on the site(7:53:15 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> k(7:53:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Wats taking those 2(7:53:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> ITS TILL 1`(7:53:15 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha k im done i lost(7:53:15 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay(7:53:15 PM) DE_Jedi316> hope they are as cool as the LND tournaments(7:53:15 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> they're both hacking(7:53:15 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ooh yea LND trophies were cool(7:53:15 PM) DE_Jedi316> lol(7:54:13 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sorry Prince Yackerz you are gone and(7:54:13 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Omega(7:54:13 PM) DE_Jedi316> Icehellion made them(7:54:13 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> my fav still though are CWT(7:54:13 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> You will face HAwkins(7:54:13 PM) DE_Jedi316> cwt still alive in other games?(7:54:13 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> i wonder(7:54:13 PM) DE_Jedi316> yack only the good players lose, like me(7:54:13 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated(7:54:13 PM) HDK_Omega enters.(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> hey nick(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> i won(7:54:38 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hehe yup(7:54:38 PM) DE_Jedi316> later people, have fun(7:54:38 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> later(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> cya(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> hey jn(7:54:38 PM) DE_Jedi316 exits.(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> i can't join the room(7:54:38 PM) HDK_Omega> can you(7:56:43 PM) HDK_Omega> msg me the(7:56:43 PM) HDK_Omega> ip?(7:56:43 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> ok 1 sec(7:56:43 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated(7:56:43 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> PM) HDK_Omega> oky(7:56:43 PM) HDK_Omega> coming in(7:56:43 PM) KeWL_JCS enters.(7:56:43 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hey Kewl(7:56:43 PM) KeWL_JCS> hi(7:57:19 PM) KeWL_JCS> tourney hasnt started rite(7:57:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> your about 53 mins late :S sorry(7:57:19 PM) KeWL_JCS> #@$(7:57:19 PM) KeWL_JCS> :|(7:57:19 PM) HDK_Omega> =((7:57:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - Updated look here kewl(7:57:19 PM) KeWL_JCS> i thought it was 7 est(7:57:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> im sorry(7:57:19 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes its 7:54pm est right now(7:57:19 PM) KeWL_JCS> ugh..(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> arghhhh(7:59:16 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - but you can follow and see who wins(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> omg(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> lol(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> only 8 ppl?(7:59:16 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yea the others didnt show(7:59:16 PM) TheOneSabMasta enters.(7:59:16 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> bastards :D(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> :$(7:59:16 PM) KeWL_JCS> hmmmm(7:59:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sabmasta(7:59:46 PM) KeWL_JCS> some1 screwed up my time(7:59:46 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> check out here - here are the stats(7:59:46 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> its ok kewl(7:59:46 PM) TheOneSabMasta> hey(7:59:46 PM) TheOneSabMasta> ok(7:59:46 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> ill send u my trophy(7:59:46 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> after i sign it(7:59:46 PM) KeWL_JCS> lol(7:59:47 PM) KeWL_JCS> u win?(8:00:42 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> well(8:00:42 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> it looks like im guaranteed a trophy(8:00:42 PM) KeWL_JCS> ahaha(8:00:42 PM) KeWL_JCS> yea(8:00:42 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya yackerz needs to go to the mental hospital(8:00:42 PM) KeWL_JCS> whos out of exile(8:00:42 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> who won(8:00:42 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and wats the score?(8:00:42 PM) KeWL_JCS> im rooting for omega(8:00:42 PM) KeWL_JCS> did u win klav ?(8:01:54 PM) TheOneSabMasta> who won?(8:01:54 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> yea i won(8:01:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Kewl heres the Whole stats(8:01:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> PM) LSF_Nickz2000> the whole scores and wiiners(8:01:54 PM) KeWL_JCS> i dont see overall winner..(8:01:54 PM) KeWL_JCS> Round 3: Final Battle: Duels to 10, 30 Minute Time Limit Winner of Match 1 Round 2 vS _KLaViER_VDS(8:01:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> we are still waiiting(8:01:54 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> for round 2 to be over(8:01:54 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Hehe(8:02:25 PM) KeWL_JCS> o(8:02:25 PM) KeWL_JCS> lol(8:02:25 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> its Hawks vs Omega(8:02:25 PM) KeWL_JCS> ah(8:02:25 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and you play oone of em(8:02:25 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> :)(8:02:25 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Why so few People Nickz?(8:02:25 PM) KeWL_JCS> me ?(8:02:25 PM) TheOneSabMasta> yes you Kewl(8:02:25 PM) KeWL_JCS> y me(8:02:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i guess lots claim they were gonna be the best and show up(8:02:51 PM) TheOneSabMasta> because(8:02:51 PM) KeWL_JCS> i thought im out(8:02:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hey im gion back to nar shaddaa..(8:02:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but oh well(8:02:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay prince see ya(8:02:51 PM) TheOneSabMasta> cya(8:02:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> nicks(8:02:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> use tyhis(8:02:51 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> PM) __KLaViER__VDS> that website(8:04:02 PM) KeWL_JCS> hmm... klav(8:04:02 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> allows u to make onlineb rackets(8:04:02 PM) KeWL_JCS> u won blur ?(8:04:02 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> i used that one for something else(8:04:02 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Kewl you have to face me! For the Losers Winners Circle!!(8:04:02 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> yea i beat blur(8:04:02 PM) KeWL_JCS> wow(8:04:02 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> yea who would have thought?(8:04:02 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> dam jedi316, blur and yackerz went out real fast(8:04:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> like bowling pins :)(8:04:51 PM) KeWL_JCS> lol(8:04:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> i didnt go out fast :)(8:04:51 PM) KeWL_JCS> hmmmm(8:04:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> no one beats me easily lol(8:04:51 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> true :)(8:04:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> besides im at 50% mental sanity right now(8:04:51 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy enters.(8:04:51 PM) KeWL_JCS> ah(8:04:51 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> so .. dat gives omega a big advantage lol(8:06:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> hehe(8:06:01 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> did Rain win?(8:06:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sHOULDNT they be playing right now?(8:06:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i think they are but(8:06:01 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> spent too dang long tinkerin with PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - Updated stas(8:06:01 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> can I get in tourny?(8:06:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sorry mof its already in(8:06:01 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> - but you can follow the stats(8:06:01 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> oh god(8:07:41 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> they told me too late(8:07:41 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> and i was drunk sleeping(8:07:41 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> after a heavy night of watching the first trilogy(8:07:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> um JM_Hawkins and Omega better hurry(8:07:41 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> and they changed the music at the end of ROTJ(8:07:41 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I can wield a good saber(8:07:41 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> u should forfeit both nickz(8:07:41 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> and give me both gold and silver(8:07:41 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Lol nah(8:07:41 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> is there going to be a 3rd place game?(8:08:29 PM) __KLaViER__VDS> is there going to be a 3rd place game?(8:08:29 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> let me sub(8:08:29 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> lol(8:08:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya im sure there will be a 3rd place game(8:08:29 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> hehe pwnage(8:08:29 PM) EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> sup hooyerd(8:08:29 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> when is the Bespin tournament(8:08:29 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> hi\(8:08:29 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 3rd place is already there its either omeega or sillyblur, depending on who scored more(8:08:29 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha bespin tournament sweet..(8:09:12 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Bespin Tourney?(8:09:12 PM) KeWL_JCS> noooo(8:09:12 PM) KeWL_JCS> damit(8:09:12 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> all this gives me a good feeling(8:09:12 PM) KeWL_JCS> i wanted to play(8:09:12 PM) KeWL_JCS> :((8:09:12 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 3rd place is already there its either omeega or sillyblur, depending on who scored more :D:D:D:D:D(8:09:12 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> wat about hawkins?(8:09:12 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I knew this game wasn't dead(8:09:12 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha this game is never dead(8:10:22 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> oh(8:10:22 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yea(8:10:22 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> If i go buy more alcohol will you all still be here when I get back?(8:10:22 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> well they better hurry(8:10:22 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> and yea(8:10:22 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> this is a cause to celebrate(8:10:22 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> are you hooyerd? :S(8:10:22 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> yes(8:10:22 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Yeah I hear ya MoF(8:10:22 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I lost my list of zone logins so this was in my cookies. One of the last i used(8:11:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> haha(8:11:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> ya no one on my zone friends(8:11:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> plays anymore(8:11:17 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> on anything(8:11:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> well thats it(8:11:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> im giving(8:11:17 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Same(8:11:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> them(8:11:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 10 more mins(8:11:17 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i dont know where they are
Saturday, March 04, 2006 8:11:23 PM
(8:11:23 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> on anything(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> well thats it(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> im giving(8:11:23 PM) TheOneSabMasta> Same(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> them(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> 10 more mins(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> i dont know where they are(8:11:23 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> did RAIN get in this tourny?\(8:11:23 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> or what they are doing(8:11:24 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> no rain did not(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> we were .5-0(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> when the(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> time limit went out(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> so restart?(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> and reset score at 0-0?(8:12:26 PM) HDK_Omega> nick?(8:12:26 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I'm going to the store across the street to get some booze. You should give them until I get back(8:12:26 PM) __KLaViER__VDS exits.(8:12:26 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> that will give them about 20 minutes(8:12:26 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> wait what?(8:12:56 PM) PrincE_YackerZ> Nick nick(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> i had a hit(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> but no kill(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> and the time limit(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> expired(8:12:56 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> still what was the socre?(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> it was 0-0(8:12:56 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> who won(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> i had a hit(8:12:56 PM) HDK_Omega> but no(8:13:18 PM) HDK_Omega> kill(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> SUDDEN DEATh(8:13:18 PM) HDK_Omega> so should we play to one now(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> first to 1(8:13:18 PM) HDK_Omega> with neither of us hit?(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> wow lots of sudden death(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> yes(8:13:18 PM) HDK_Omega> ok(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> you to(8:13:18 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> sudden death(8:15:09 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> to 1(8:15:09 PM) JN_hAwKiNs_> its up(8:15:09 PM) HDK_Omega> oky(8:15:09 PM) HDK_Omega> coming(8:15:09 PM) PrincE_YackerZ exits.(8:15:09 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> #@$!(8:15:09 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> where did klav go(8:15:09 PM) HDK_Omega> not sure i have to reboot(8:15:09 PM) HDK_Omega> my connection is funny(8:15:09 PM) HDK_Omega> it wont let me join(8:15:37 PM) HDK_Omega> is there a person(8:15:37 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> okay(8:15:37 PM) HDK_Omega> in the finals yet?(8:15:37 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> but hurry :)(8:15:37 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> Yes(8:15:37 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> klav(8:15:37 PM) HDK_Omega> ok(8:15:37 PM) HDK_Omega> be right back(8:15:37 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> ok im going to store. Getting the high dollar drinks becuse this is trult a night to remeber(8:15:37 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> loll hooyerd(8:16:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> dont spend all ur money(8:16:50 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I'm so happy i would buy for all you alls if I could(8:16:50 PM) TheOneSabMasta> =)(8:16:50 PM) MoF_StarWarsBoy> I bet we could put away some booze(8:16:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> hehe(8:16:50 PM) LSF_Nickz2000> at the end of the tourney we should all bgj(8:16:50 PM) TheOneSabMasta> YEAH BOOZE(8:16:50 PM) TheOneSabMasta> afk(8:16:50 PM) TheOneSabMasta> yeah(8: