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Date: Unknown (Post Lobby "Removal")
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

_yo_tacos5 enters.
_yo_wasup_ enters.
_yo_wasup_> holy #@$!
_yo_tacos5> i kniow
Ruefull_Hex enters.
Ruefull_Hex> Rememba ME
Ruefull_Hex> LOLZ
_yo_tacos5> i tihnk
_yo_tacos5> holy #@$! 4 members woot
Ruefull_Hex> lol
Ruefull_Hex> I'm DjDTM
Ruefull_Hex> So its reall3 members
_yo_tacos5> o $!%#
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_tacos5> wasup man ill make 3 poeple
Ruefull_Hex> Like old times/
_yo_tacos5> i know
_yo_tacos5> yo i saw ur myspace
Ruefull_Hex> yea?
_yo_tacos5> i habve one to
_yo_wasup_> yo
_yo_wasup_> dj you got the no cd crack?
Ruefull_Hex> nope
_yo_wasup_> i dun no if its on
_yo_wasup_> don't see it
_yo_tacos5> is their a ways u can get it
_yo_tacos5> #@$! dj give me ur msn
_yo_wasup_> i really gotta get that yo info
_yo_tacos5> ok
_yo_tacos5> omg memories
Ruefull_Hex> Stfu
Ruefull_Hex> you know nothing of memories
_yo_tacos5> lmao
Ruefull_Hex> I was hear since 97
Ruefull_Hex> #@$!%#@
Ruefull_Hex> PWNED
_yo_tacos5> tru tru
Ruefull_Hex> I can't log into my other name...
Ruefull_Hex> You hear about xzeros new jk project
Ruefull_Hex> which basically means, "JK ACADEMY PORTED TO JKDF SOUNDS"
_yo_wasup_> haha
_yo_tacos5> nope but ti sounds tight
_yo_wasup_> that is true
_yo_wasup_> omg
_yo_wasup_> guess what everyone
_yo_tacos5> hfs i wanna play
Ruefull_Hex> ea?
_yo_wasup_> dj if your tight you will remember this
_yo_tacos5> wat
_yo_wasup_> _ You ride the special Bus!! _/_| [] [] [] [] [] | - - ( Retard Bus | - - _=-OO-OO-=_
_yo_wasup_> . _ You ride the special Bus!! _/_| [] [] [] [] [] | - - ( Retard Bus | - - _=-OO-OO-=_
_yo_wasup_> #@$!
_yo_wasup_> they disabeled line down char.
_yo_wasup_> oh yea
_yo_tacos5> lmao
_yo_wasup_> i can do it in info for games tho
_yo_tacos5> wasup is their a way o get the crack lmao
Ruefull_Hex> I remember when nar used to be full.
Ruefull_Hex> with 200 people
_yo_wasup_> lol
_yo_wasup_> that wasn't official
_yo_tacos5> lol
_yo_wasup_> that was like
_yo_wasup_> test
_yo_wasup_> i'm looking for yo info
Ruefull_Hex> What ever happened to our first forums
_yo_tacos5> lets play a game lmao we n i saw the link i was like !%#
Ruefull_Hex> remember that?
_yo_tacos5> i saw those they were crap lmao
Ruefull_Hex> I need a link
_yo_tacos5> they were on the forums befroe they got updated long ago
_yo_wasup_> wow i found the old YOCOC
_yo_tacos5> wow
_yo_wasup_> yo's first mb =
_yo_wasup_> doesn't work anymore
_yo_tacos5> that sucks
Ruefull_Hex> yea..
Ruefull_Hex> I STILL have !%#@$!% straight #@$ walls #@$!%#@
_yo_tacos5> i wanna play jk
Ruefull_Hex> I wonder if wasup rememers this name
_yo_wasup_> omg
_yo_wasup_> i thinki found it
Ruefull_Hex> Ruefull_hex
_yo_wasup_> doesn't work tho  
_yo_wasup_> barely
_yo_wasup_> perhaps
Ruefull_Hex> It was the hacker buddy of DjDTM
_yo_wasup_> o cool
Ruefull_Hex> that was supposed to help hack demon
_yo_wasup_> haha
Ruefull_Hex> I hacked his account
Ruefull_Hex> LOLOLOL
_yo_wasup_> i still have his phone number
_yo_tacos5> lmao
Ruefull_Hex> Phreak that $!%#
_yo_wasup_> he called me like 3 years ago
_yo_tacos5> wow
_yo_wasup_> i found his number in my room
_yo_wasup_> put it into my cell
_yo_wasup_> i called it one night
_yo_wasup_> got his answering machiene
_yo_tacos5> lmao
_yo_tacos5> u know wat i just remmebered
_yo_wasup_> said something about how he is either doing this, or he is in the hospital. kinda joking around when people run out of things to put in their memos.
_yo_tacos5> that pic of him holding a lightsaber
_yo_tacos5> that was funny lmao
_yo_tacos5> #@$!
_yo_wasup_> that was pjb
_yo_tacos5> o yeah
Ruefull_Hex> Damnit
_yo_tacos5> that was funny anyway
_yo_wasup_> yea lol
Ruefull_Hex> i want to see my old djdtm site.
Ruefull_Hex> the one that was on geocites
_yo_wasup_> the red one?
_yo_wasup_> your custom one?
_yo_wasup_> that xzero copied?
Ruefull_Hex> No..
Ruefull_Hex> The really old one
_yo_wasup_> b4 that
_yo_wasup_> wow
Ruefull_Hex> The first 1
_yo_wasup_> isn't it on google cache
Ruefull_Hex> Trying to find
Ruefull_Hex> how do i find?
_yo_wasup_> google advanced search then just search with "quotations" and keywords out of it, then instead of clicking a link, click cached
_yo_tacos5> ur good
_yo_wasup_> i no
Ruefull_Hex> still nothing
Ruefull_Hex> ur not good
_yo_tacos5> maybei t got delelted or something
_yo_wasup_> rememer when we zm spammed room one host to try and crash his computer to get the room?
Ruefull_Hex> I REMEMBEr
_yo_wasup_> lol
_yo_tacos5> lmao wow
_yo_wasup_> we had our little zonehacks downloads and acted like god
Ruefull_Hex> yea.
Ruefull_Hex> Remember that one time
Ruefull_Hex> the zone crashed and you thought it was u nder maitenance
Ruefull_Hex> but really it was cause I @$!%#@ it up
Ruefull_Hex> With my hax
_yo_wasup_> invisible flooder lol
_yo_wasup_> another popular dl
Ruefull_Hex> yea.
Ruefull_Hex> Anti-Invisable Flooder
_yo_wasup_> it was a great prog
_yo_tacos5> wow u guys did everything
Ruefull_Hex> LOL
_yo_wasup_> bbl.
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_wasup_> thats what it says
_yo_wasup_> like #@$
_yo_wasup_> thats where i used to get my jk cd crack
Ruefull_Hex> yea..
Ruefull_Hex> Hmm..
Ruefull_Hex> #@$! it
Ruefull_Hex> there aren't any BGJ games.
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_wasup_> lol
_yo_tacos5> now their is
_yo_wasup_> ping me
_yo_wasup_> whats my lat
Ruefull_Hex> 71
_yo_tacos5> 93
_yo_tacos5> mine
_yo_wasup_> 81
_yo_tacos5> yay
_yo_wasup_> 91*
Ruefull_Hex> 58957
Ruefull_Hex> OMFG
_yo_wasup_> lol
_yo_tacos5> lol
Ruefull_Hex> LOL
Ruefull_Hex> like old times
_yo_tacos5> now their 4 rooms
Ruefull_Hex> 2 idiots with same game type
Ruefull_Hex> LOLOL
Ruefull_Hex> remember that?
_yo_tacos5> i like bgj gam e 4 better
_yo_wasup_> i neeeed the yo info
_yo_wasup_> i had so much %#@$
_yo_wasup_> i lost it
_yo_wasup_> i hate to say this
_yo_wasup_> instincts still lie within me
_yo_tacos5> lmao
_yo_wasup_> but i lost the .com information login
_yo_wasup_> and overbounds email is applied to it
_yo_wasup_> and overbound died
_yo_wasup_> and he has to pay by august or something
_yo_wasup_> we might end up getting a diff url if he doesn't get his $!% back on this year
_yo_tacos5> seriously w.e happend to me
_yo_wasup_> like
_yo_wasup_> or something gayu
_yo_tacos5> him*
_yo_wasup_> he retired
_yo_wasup_> made us the blue sheme got us a .com and left
_yo_wasup_> the blue sheme sucked $!%
Ruefull_Hex> Remember when I was in _yo_.
Ruefull_Hex> THen I left
Ruefull_Hex> and _yo_ sucked
Ruefull_Hex> LOL
_yo_wasup_> then u came back
_yo_wasup_> then you left
_yo_tacos5> i know but he said we might be coming back out of no were
_yo_wasup_> then u came back
_yo_wasup_> then u left
_yo_wasup_> then you came back
_yo_wasup_> then u left
Ruefull_Hex> Then I got kicke dout
Ruefull_Hex> then I came back
Ruefull_Hex> then I left
Ruefull_Hex> LOL
_yo_wasup_> then you werte like #@$! i hate $!
Ruefull_Hex> #@$?
_yo_tacos5> lol
Ruefull_Hex> When did that happen
_yo_wasup_> *turns off censored words
Ruefull_Hex> #@ _yo_
Ruefull_Hex> #@$
Ruefull_Hex> no greater than sign
Ruefull_Hex> #@ (Greater than sign) _yo_
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_wasup_> zone doesn't think its true
_yo_tacos5> did u know ever thing went bad wen dj and moldy left
_yo_wasup_> #@$!
_yo_wasup_> omg
_yo_wasup_> HOLY CRAP
Ruefull_Hex> yea.
_yo_wasup_> i put a lot of old yo images on one forum thread
_yo_wasup_> i lost all of them
Ruefull_Hex> We were good leaders.
_yo_wasup_> lets see if imageshack kept them up
Ruefull_Hex> Nar was like
Ruefull_Hex> Omg DjDTM left _yo_ for the las time
Ruefull_Hex> and MSN was like
Ruefull_Hex> Well
Ruefull_Hex> thats it
Ruefull_Hex> we will delete NAR
Ruefull_Hex> cause DjDTm left for the last time
_yo_tacos5> lol
Ruefull_Hex> true story
_yo_tacos5> butthat sucked
Ruefull_Hex> I saw the convo
Ruefull_Hex> MSN: DjDTM left _yo_ again.. MSN: %#@$ it nars being deleted: Nar: $!%
_yo_tacos5> url it no longer exsists
_yo_wasup_> i got better !%#@ one second
Ruefull_Hex> LOL
Ruefull_Hex> DjDTM_
Ruefull_Hex> I quit _yo_ for good blah blah
Ruefull_Hex> I remember that
_yo_wasup_> haha
_yo_wasup_> here
_yo_tacos5> yep
_yo_tacos5> dj y did u elave
_yo_wasup_> cuz I didn't race with him in BGJ
_yo_wasup_> *true story
Ruefull_Hex> Remember
_yo_wasup_> from ship to 2nd cliff
Ruefull_Hex> STFU N00B
_yo_wasup_> lol
Ruefull_Hex> remember when I asked the + people in the help room if they liked cheese
_yo_tacos5> yeah
_yo_wasup_> man i have @$!% of that
_yo_tacos5> omg
_yo_wasup_> well i used to one min
_yo_tacos5> holyshit
_yo_tacos5> omg omg
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_tacos5> i had so much fun with the members +
_yo_tacos5> those retards
Ruefull_Hex> whos _yo_starwars?
_yo_tacos5> hold #@$!%# $!%#
_yo_wasup_> i'm going to remake that title
_yo_tacos5> he recruited me
_yo_wasup_> i havn't had to do this forvever
_yo_tacos5> starwars 4
_yo_tacos5> jedimaster rank
_yo_wasup_> haha yep
_yo_wasup_> hes white trash these days tho
Ruefull_Hex> lol
_yo_wasup_> talks black to me every so often
_yo_tacos5> wat happend to him
_yo_tacos5> wait u knwo him
Ruefull_Hex> Rofl
_yo_wasup_> making that title now
Ruefull_Hex> you clowned your self
_yo_wasup_> i no
Ruefull_Hex> Cloaned
Ruefull_Hex> lol
Ruefull_Hex> thats awesome
_yo_wasup_> haha
_yo_tacos5> lol
Ruefull_Hex> wow %#@
Ruefull_Hex> I had room 1?
_yo_tacos5> yo g2g
_yo_tacos5> bye
_yo_tacos5 exits.
_yo_wasup_> k
_yo_wasup_> one sec
Ruefull_Hex> wow gg newb
Ruefull_Hex exits.
_yo_wasup_ exits.