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Date: February 2005
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Uploaded: Yes

Quotes from Nar Shaddaa


DoctorlyDwarf6 enters.
DoctorlyDwarf6> what is the password
_NOFpuXnk420_ exits.
_not_forte_ exits.
DoctorlyDwarf6> what is your password for the game
DoctorlyDwarf6> EAH_XxHeReTiKxX what is the password to your stupid game
DoctorlyDwarf6 exits.
EAH_XxHeReTiKxX> idiot


st0wnd> why are u guys not in IRC Enter the game
st0wnd> #nar
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> dude
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> i am there now
st0wnd> its like where eveyrone is at
st0wnd> oh
st0wnd> who are u
st0wnd> ?
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> im under alias though
st0wnd> maz?
st0wnd> thad
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> cause forte hacked me
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> last time
st0wnd> in irc?
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> he hacked into my comp and my server
st0wnd> #@$!%#@ script newbie
st0wnd> i hate that
_2005_FeRoZ_Xx> corrupted my kernel


+JohnChaser> I'm new to Nar.
BARBARIAN4121> how can ya be
+JohnChaser> Can anyone tell me what does that + symbol mean in front of my nick?
BARBARIAN4121> member plus?
+JohnChaser> Really?
BARBARIAN4121> thats the group ur in on the side
bobafizal exits.
+JohnChaser> Ah cool.


+JohnChaser> I'm here every day... if Nar has people.
+JohnChaser> I can't be here all the time, I got a life.