There are several forums where Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith players frequently report problems and look for solutions. We at have performed an exhaustive search for these forums threads and have read every single one to compile the accurate troubleshooting information we offer for these games.

List of Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith Forums

Steam Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith Forum
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GOG (Good Old Games) Star Wars Dark Forces Series Forum (Includes Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith)
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The Massassi Temple Forums
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JKHub Forums
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Troubleshooting Forum Threads

JKHUB.NET JK DF2 Ultimate patches in your Projects section.
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JKHUB.NET My alpha blending is broken.
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JKHUB.NET JK and Windows 7
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JKHUB.NET JK.exe patch for windowed mode
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JKHUB.NET JK crashing...
JKHUB.NET Huge troubles to run JK on my system (WinXP Pro)
JKHUB.NET Serious Problems w/ Jedi Knight
JKHUB.NET Kyle Katarn: sufferer of chronic nearsightedness
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JEDIKNIGHT.NET Dark Forces 2 - 256 colours.. help
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MASSASSI.NET Jedi Knight issues
JEDIKNIGHT.NET (DF:2-Jedi Knight) display corruption
JEDIKNIGHT.NET Unable to get JK/MOTS to work on Windows XP SP3
JEDIKNIGHT.NET 3D Acceleration on an 8500GT?
JEDIKNIGHT.NET Any Hope Left for Radeon HD Users? JK 'n MotS Won't Work w/ Them!
JEDIKNIGHT.NET cannot load level error
JEDIKNIGHT.NET JK problems on vista 64 bit
JEDIKNIGHT.NET JK AND MotS help desperately required!!
JEDIKNIGHT.NET MotS on Vista problem
JEDIKNIGHT.NET 3d Accel Problems on new video cards
JKDF2.NET Complete JK Installation Guide
JKDF2.NET JK Ultimate Patches
JKDF2.NET Tarvis's Guide For Windows 8 Users
JKDF2.NET AMD Video Drivers Post 13.1 WHQL Break 3D Acceleration
STEAM AMD/ATi Modern GPU Win7 64 bit Fix
STEAM GTX 750 problems
STEAM Black Box around game screen
STEAM DF 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith ULTIMATE FIX THREAD
STEAM Animations running way too fast (gun sway etc)
STEAM 256 colors?
STEAM 3D Acceleration Fix (Radeon & Nvidia)
STEAM Working game(w7 64bit)
STEAM I Give Up…
REDDIT [Modding Guide] Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (Steam/Non-Steam version)
STEAM First Level Won't Load…
STEAM How do i run the game in fullscreen?
STEAM How to Launch JK Enhanced from Steam
STEAM DF 2 does not load on Win 7 64-bit
STEAM Star Wars Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight in Windows 8?
STEAM Enhanced Problems
STEAM Can't Load Level
STEAM Fixing FoV in JK/MotS
STEAM Modding issue
STEAM colorful
STEAM Game constantly crashes?
STEAM game crashes when i restart a mssion
STEAM "Please help
STEAM "Jk.exe won't start
STEAM Insert disk 2
STEAM Everything Works except my Saves are never their when I reopen
STEAM Why are they selling this broken game?
STEAM Mouse lag/stuttering
STEAM Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith problem
STEAM No on screen text or Heads Up Display
STEAM Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight crash
STEAM Game won't start.
STEAM always windowed mode >.<
STEAM Running JK with 3D acceleration in Windows 7
STEAM menu enter/exit bug
STEAM Texture blurring
STEAM Any Luck on Hardware Rendering?
STEAM Do not run JK
STEAM Crashed 5 times on the first level
STEAM Once on the Menu it closes the game
STEAM How to view cutscenes fullscreen ingame
STEAM Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II known bugs/fixes
STEAM "Crazy stretched textures
STEAM Another graphical glitch.
STEAM "Starts in windowed mode
STEAM Crazy Colors During the Game
STEAM Signed here if Lucasarts has lost you as a future customer.
STEAM Trying to get Jedi Knight Enhanced to work
STEAM "1920x1080 is not aviable
STEAM Possible Radeon Fix
STEAM Game doesn't launch? Try this fix!
STEAM Game crashes on startup
STEAM Windows 7 x64 issues
STEAM How to get (almost) fullscreen menus and FMVs.
STEAM Did anyone figure out how to get mods to work?
STEAM Playing windowed + Sensitivity
STEAM Frame Rate
STEAM Game crashes after intro cutscene
STEAM Unable to launch this or MoTS
STEAM Game doesn't work at all
STEAM Game crashes when the first level loads
STEAM Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection
STEAM 32bpp
GOG Jedi Knight / MotS Hardware Acceleration Graphic Patches for ALL
GOG Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight - Enhanched MOD (installation tutorial)
GOG Lock up with corrupted graphics after exiting
GOG Can the GOGLauncher.exe be modified to apply command parameters?
GOG "[JK] Updated CD Music Player .dll (fix volume
GOG Dark Forces 2 view is cropped vertically
GOG (0xc0000022) error.
GOG No HUD or crosshair visible
GOG Black screen when using 3D acceleration. The only visible thing is the HUD.
GOG Dark Forces II - Windowed Mode?
GOG Unnecessary screen mode switching
GOG Cannot See health or ammo on the hud
GOG Jedi Knight scrambles the screen
GOG Can somoene please freakin help me get Dege thing to work on steam
GOG Jedi Knight no crosshair in hardware mode
GOG Anyone know if Steam version will get the fixes GOG has
GOG Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight - no 1440p and no HUD
GOG Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight - only software-mode graphics?
GOG Jedi Knight Dark Forces II - Black Screen Crash
GOG Aspect ratio with dgvoodoo solved (sort of)
GOG Possible solution for hardware acceleration
GOG Is Dark Forces II better than the Steam version?
GOG A strange Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight problem....
GOG Dark Forces II Crashes Immediately After the First MIssion
GOG What does GOGLauncher do?