Some important things have come up recently, so I thought I ought to post a special news segment.

1) I have finally found a decent, unintrusive phpBB3 bridge that dosen't require PHP 5. It's called RokBridge. I have tested it on another site, and although it is still in pre-release development, it works quite well. This will go a long way towards improving

Check it out: 

2) Wodz is offering to pay for a recreation(Jedi Knight DirectPlay Lobby). Visit the thread here:

3) We need a new Jedi Knight Dedicated Server. I call on anyone in the community who is interested in providing a new JKDS to contact us and we can help you get set up. This is very important to the JK commmunity.

4) Something big is in the works that I can't discuss publically. At this stage, it's not a sure thing, but if it goes through we could see a huge boost to the community. Check back soon for updates.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

 - ReT