First off, Merry Christmas. Here is some assorted news, some older and some more recent, but definitely worth posting, because not everyone knows about it. Here it is.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection on Steam

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 was released on Steam
just 3 months ago, along with Mysteries of the Sith. After LEC partnered with Steam to release some of it's older games, many speculated that JKDF2 would be thrown in the mix. This was a particularly exciting possibility due to the fact that a Steam release of JK could accompany some long-needed improvements to the game. Specifically, we all hoped that LEC would fix JK's compatibility problems with newer systems. The last few years have been plagued with reports of JK's problems with newer video cards, Windows Vista/7, and 64-bit CPU's - and this looked like a miracle from above. The result was a PR disaster for LucasArts. LEC released a stripped down version of the original 1997 distribution of Jedi Knight, omitting even the much-loved soundtrack that plays throughout the Single Player missions. Additionally, people who purchased JK on Steam discovered that they couldn't use EXE patches developed by the community due to Steam's anti hacking software. I'm just scratching the surface of this thing - be sure to do some reading at some of the links below. LEC made a bad situation worse, and put money before their loyal customers. Shame on you, LucasArts.

Massassi Discussion Thread - Jedi Knight on Steam
Steam's JK Page
Steam's JK Forum

Massassi Level Pack 2009: Ultimate Sith Edition, a Level Contest hosted by is in the works. Levels made for JK, MotS, Jedi Outcast, or Jedi Academy can be submitted. Read the full contest rules and discussion thread. Check out the level contest submissions showcase thread here. Also, be sure to check out some of the levels in progress on The deadline has been pushed to Jan. 2nd, 2010.

A fix for 3D Acceleration problems with Jedi Knight has been developed by Emon and's ZeqMacaw "For those getting black background or weird artifacts when in-game when using 3d accel". This fix involves simply replacing the ddraw.dll in your Jedi Knight folder with the new modified one(Be sure to back up your original). You can download the fix here. Check this forum topic for more details. Report any of your graphics problems on this JKHub discussion thread.