In case you haven't noticed either the change in appearance nor the disabled state of the forums, the site is currently undergoing a full revamp from the bottom up. Unfortunately, this is a work in progress. As I continue to bulid upon the site in it's current form, the changes will be immediately visible. The forums are a bit trickier. Because of my past dependency on phpBB2 as a back-end for the "semi-CMS" that powered in the past, the forums require a great deal of attention. I have moved the phpBB3 upgrade to - however, as I stated previously, the forums are disabled until I perform the aforementioned maintenence.

I'm not going to waste any time summarizing the highlights of the new I need to stop talking and get working. ;) To the operators of hosted clan forums; I apologize for the downtime. Please direct any questions to me via email.

Lastly, an important note: A big thank you goes to the hundreds of Jedi Knight players who have registered on since I first launched the site in March of 2005, a little over 4 years ago. All registered users will recieve a email notification upon the launch of the new site and forums.

Be sure to hang out on IRC in the meantime:

  • JK Community: #jk
  • JK Editing Hub: #jkhub

- Administrator

 P.S. - For those of those curious about what looked like in March of 2005, be sure to check it out: