Latest JK and MotS news: 

  • JKLauncher, a full featured component for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith, is under major development. Request the private alpha on #jkhub. Watch the JKLauncher Project Page closely for updates.
  • There has been some interest in a Ladder System (Remember Cases's Ladder?). If there is enough interest, I will set up a full featured ladder system on AcidRain has posted a thead here, please reply if interested.
  • How to run JK on Vista -> 1) Create a shortcut to JK.EXE. 2) Open the properties for the shortcut. 3) Under Path, add -windowgui 4) Your path should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight\JK.exe" -windowgui 5) Save your changes and launch JK from your shortcut. Post on the forums if you have any questions, and let us know how well this fix works.
  • Darth Alran is releasing a whole bunch of industrial-themed textures. More information can be found on the project page. Download the texture packs here.
  • Help I_Jedi figure out his Jedi Knight cutscene problem. Visit the Massassi forum thead.
  • FastGamerr's "The Truth of the Destruction of Apocalopolis" map for Jedi Knight  is looking epic. Check it out.
  • There is a lot of discussion about Jedi Knight Enhanced (JKE) on the forums. Click here to visit the thread. View screenshots here. Download JKE here.
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