JKDF2.COM is providing full navigable website mirror copies of Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith websites so that this history is never lost.

This is a work in progress.

Website Name Download .ZIP Archive (Full website) Date Mirrored Original URL
(Direct File Archive Access)
Not yet available Current  http://jkdf2.com/files 
(Website, Forums, and Archive)
Download (9.09GB) 03/16/2015 Website: http://jkdf2.net
Forums: http://jkdf2.net/phpBB3 
(The 2005-2014 File Archive)
Not yet available 01/01/2014 http://jkdf2.com/jkdf2.net/files
JKDF2.NET Complete Forums
(The complete, searchable forums, 2005-2014)
Not yet available 01/01/2014  
Massassi File System
The Complete File Archive, No HTML Pages
(Indexed File Directory - Files and Indexes Only)
Download (6.16GB) 03/24/2015 http://files.massassi.net/levels 
Massassi Forums Not yet available   http://forums.massassi.net/vb3/index.php 
Massassi Website Not yet available   http://massassi.net 
Jedi Knight Editing Hub
Website and Forums)
Download (5.74GB)  03/27/2015 http://jkhub.net